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Ok, so it's almost a year since I updated this site. Been doing more work on Tape Rape, Kassettkultur, playing and just other things taking up time. But I've now updated the release site with two physical release, one which was released in May last year, and one that came a little over a month ago.
First we have the (in)famous tile by Something Small But Heavy (Roar Borge and Martin Powell) named Tile. The other physical release is the second box set on Ambolthue, a box with all the floppy releases by Bjerga/Iversen on Gold Sounds between 2006 and 2009 + a bonus floppy, making a total of 5 floppy's, all spanning about 5 minutes all together. It comes in a handmade cardboard box and is limited to only 22 copies and it's called Totally Flopped Out.
Two new MP3-singles are out too. Check them out for free! One with Fisk På Disc and one with Derek Piotr. Enjoy!

It's the MP3LIMBOLT-series, now with the easter-edition of holyday-noise singles by Torstein Wjiik. Each holyday will Mr. Wjiik present a free MP3 single only availble during that holyday before it's deleted. This time being the easter-edition, he decided to call the track Påskekos. If you don't know Norwegian, try for yourself to figure what it means. Enjoy the easter!
More reviews added to the section. I'm also working on putting samples to all releases online and will clean up the website as the time goes by.

Yeah it's true, and if you don't believe me, see for yourself: Origami Binarika - Windung Zu Selbst Mit Traum.

3 CDRs and one MP3 release. The first is from the guy behind the magnificent [OHM] Records, namely O. Melby. This release contains 2 live recordings and it's titled Marsipan.
The second CDR today is Dag Stiberg (Maranata, Now We Got Members, My Midnight Creeps), and it's titled Monolithic Time. Better dark-jazz is hard to find!
The last CDR of todays releases are a singles colected release from Fisk På Disc, and it's titled Fishfingers. This is one of the heavyest release on Ambolthue in my own opinion, and it's good to listen to one or two tracks a day. Strange as only the fishy duo can make it.
Then we have the MP3 release. It's from a new duo called Stegofon (John E. Sandli & Håkon Nordheim), and it's titled Eldorado Paranormal Activity. Beautiful artwork and very good music. Download for free now!

If you thought we forgot it, you're wrong. We didn't but at Origami Boe plays a spacial concert on this very day we decided to delay the release by a month. But it's finally here. You probably guessed it already, but it's from Origami Boe, and concists of four 8-minute tracks made on acoustic laptops in february, 2009. It's titled Kaptcha B. Nothing more to do now than to download this and enjoy it! More in the months ahead in this series, and this weekend will there be two more releases out there.

Yes it's finally here, the new releases of 2010. It's not completely true that the first release on Ambolthue is out today as it's been a long time since I actually updated this website, and to be honest I've actually released two releases since the last news post. One of them was released on december 2nd, last year, and was a long awaited CDR. Our friend Mixturizer from Spain has done a remix EP of the (in)famous classic split-CDR between house-artist Torstein Wjiik and Swamps Up Nostrils, Øresus & Dus. On this EP, also titled Øresus & Dus you'll find remixes of four of the tracks found on the original. It's two tracks from each artist, and Mixturizer has truely done his to make it his own. If you liked the original then you'll love this.
On Januray 12th, during this year's All Ears festival, Anla Courtis (of Reynols fame) played the festival's probably most humouristic act and Ambolthue's favourite act of the year. On March 5th, 2007, he also visited Oslo where he played a concert with local artists Kjell Runar "Killer" Jenssen (DEL, Origami Arktika) and André Borgen (which also released a fantastic solo album last year) at Sound Of Mu. This was already days after the concert decided to be released on Ambolthue, but trouble with the cover and the classic form of forgetfulness has made this the most delayed release so far on Ambolthue, but now it's finally here! It got the suiting title Sound of Mu 5.3.2007, and sounds amazing. For fans of DEL and psychedelic pludering-rock in general.
And so on to the "batch", which is not really that much of a batch without the two mentioned above, but it's two more at least.
First, a proud moment for the label-owner Kjetil Hanssen as he has finally got his first CD out on the market. It's a celebration of his 5th year with the Torstein Wjiik project, and this CD is a collection of various field recordings and analogue and digital noise recordings. It was co-released with Synesthetic Recordings in edition of 220 copies. Titled Wjiik Let Angreben Af Influenza which is quite suiting in these times where swine flu seems to have taken over the world. An intense and humorous journey into the fucked up head of Mr. Wjiik (not to be confused with Kjetil Hanssen).
The last release for now comes from Cooloola Monster of Basque Contry, and it's actually their debut release. It's a four-piece band with Estanis Comella, Miguel A. Garcia, Oier I. A. and Ross MacDonald and is hard to describe as anything else but experimental improv. To try to compare it to anything would be just stupid. Unique and extremely good music from a band you'll probably hear more from in the future. Tam 'O' Shanter is it's title, and you should order a copy now!
There will also be two more releases coming this weekend, so keep your eyes open. Just need a re-fill on blank CDR's first for the duplication process.
Also updating the website in general. Samples from all releases, a clean-up in the link section and of course a fresh mailorder is just around the corner.

First of all a very merry christmas to all of you.
The first release I wanna tell you about is something truely special. The first limited MP3-release on Ambolthue, and it's only available throughout this christmas. That means that on January 1st it will be removed, so download while you can. This is the first of holyday related noise releases by labelhead Torstein Wjiik, and in the very distant future they all will be released on a physical format. But as of now it's only available on MP3 for free, but just for one week though. It's got the catchy title Santa Dropped A Present For Me, Even Though I've Been A Bad Boy This Year, and it's a 10 minute harsh noise piece. Enjoy the single!
The second release today is yet another freebie. It's the 14th in the AMBTRASS-series, and it's from Origami Southamerika (aka.Anla Courtis of Reynols fame). It's a very neat noise album recorded in 1998, and was planned to be released as part of a 10 cassette box that never got realised. But now it's finally here. The title is Kol-Rrr-Kat.

First of all a short notice on the last post. It said that it was a secret who played on the The Thousand Arms Of Compassion MP3-release, but it's not a secret anymore. This is the first release by Ernesto Bohorquez under his own name, and this is a pre-stage of his band-project The Thousand Arms Of Compassion. The missunderstanding was that I thought this release was also under the band name while it was not... well you see.
Anyways, over to the new stuff. Another release in the AMBTRASS-series is here, this time a really good old piece of music from 1984. 25 years ago, Mr. Origami Boe sat down making this. The story of it can be found on the cover, so download, burn it and listen. Static, beautyful and drony. Released as Origami Storika and it's called Sosial Kollaps 1984. Enjoy!

First of all, sorry for the delay on updating the releases that came the 10th. These three has been available since then, but I forgot to update the website.
But today it's even more out. Two new releases in the card-series, and first out we have Bjerga/Iversen - Parklife, once again another more "serious" release in the card series. It has been some strange, quite heavy releases there compared to this. The other card is from the magnificent Animal Machine, and it's called U+2623. Harsher indeed than the Bjerga/Iversen-card, but a very interesting and nice card. This will also be the last card in the series before the compilation will come. But this is the only way to get the beautiful artwork of both cards. Only 20 numbered copies as allways of each.
The last release today is yet another free MP3-release, this time a single with the cryptic project The Thousand Arms Of Compassion with a self-titled MP3-single. Don't bother asking, 'cause you won't get no info on who it is! Take a listen and guess... I can say this much, it's someone you should know who it is!

Two more releases from Maranata in good 'ol cardboard-cover style. Maranata shows us once again that they're masters of suspence, progression, explorations within sounds and of course variation. Los Gritos De La Hermanes De Satan is the title of the first of the two, and the second is called Sette Note In Nero. If everything goes as planned, I'm upping samples for all the ambolthue-releases in near future so you can listen to it instead of me trying to write something you won't get anything out of on the releases.
But I said it was three new releases... That's right, and the third is finally another one in the bootleg-series, and it was recorded today, and released right after the show. Who's on it? Ronny Wærnes & Kjetil Hanssen (yours truely) are the two people playing on this, and it was recorded on Sound Of Mu 10.11.09 (today), and is titled the same. It's limited to 30 copies, and comes in freshly handpainted covers. Everything done right after the concert.
...by the way... this post was added 3 days late...

The first of these two are from yet another fine project of the fantastic Roar Borge (Cadmium Dunkel), and this is another accoustic band of his called Heppetuna All-Stars. They've released the single Från Heppetuna Torg Och Inga Formulärer, which is a strange but good piece of music.
The other release release is also from a Borge-project, which we know already. Electrique Norwegique of course, and this time it's their concert from this years "Støy På Landet"-festival. More music will be released in near future!

The twelfth release in the AMBTRASS-series is out now and is a compilation of live tracks from various origami-projects. It's called Live Rough Compilation, and is yet another very fine release! A pile of new releases are also soon to be released, both as MP3 and CDR. Loads of goodshit to come!

The disc is finally ready. Released almost a month ago, but it's not finally ready to be shipped out to the patient pre-orderers. It's a beautiful 99 track disc with Norwegian synth-pop on it's best. 500 numbered copies only!!! 99 SANGER

A slack label-chief seemed to not get the finger out of his anus and upload some Trass-stuff last month, but decided to make things good again by not just uploading one trass, but two trass. Trass trass trass! The first trass which was meant as last months trass was "AMBTRASS-10 (Origami Replika - SchMerzPønkDaDa - Death To Nihil)", and is a very nice trass to be released together with the second trass: "AMBTRASS-11 (Origami Lca - 2008)", which also is a very fine trass. For those who don't know what trass is, read this trass.
Not just are we happy to inform you that we finally got these two goodies out, but we still have more to come in the future monts. And not just that!!! Mr. Origami Boe is a little older today, and we say happy happy birthday here in ambolhute. Best wishes and a huge you to the Origami-boy number one. trass trass trass trass trass trass trass trass trass trass trass trass trass trass trass trass trass trass trass trass trass trass TRASS trass trass trass trass trass trass TRASS trass trass trass trass.

09.Sep.2009 (090909)
Finally, the synth-pop master, Adrian Cox, has a new album ready for us. This treasure has been lying around since the change between milleniums, and will finally see the day of light. And guess who's lucky enough to release this masterpiece? Yeah, you're right, it's Ambolthue Records, and we're proud of it! This might be a little on the side of what we usually release here, but it's just as good as everything else! Maybe even better? That's up to you to decide. Anyways, it's 99 short synth-pop tracks with the memorable poet and underground musician, and the first time on CD. The disc has it's release date today, but it's still at the pressing plant, so (to use a good old norwegian expression) "smear some patient on yourself"! Well, this is a notice for all you synth-pop fans out there who loves the sound of the true norwegian underground-pop from the 80's/90's. Adrian Cox is back! With "99 Sanger"!

Ok, where to start? It's no less than 6 new MP3-releases out now, and let's start on the only one that's not on the Kifbolthue hybrid-label with Kifrecording in Poland.
I'm really happy to tell you that the TRASS!-Anarchive-series is back with more Origami treasures for you. One new release every month, and it's about time to start this again as it's been almost a year since the last. The newest addition to the series is "Origami Anarchika - Hohlgroth", and it's a worthy re-start on the series. You can also buy the full quality copies from here.
The 5 other releases are all in various Kifbolthue-series'. Two new Demo's (KIFBOLD) from Trans Atlantic Rage and Origami Hairy. There's also a new series with re-releases called the Xerox-series (KIFBOLX), and the first out there is the legendary Trepanation-collaboration between Animal Machine (PL), Napalmed (CZ) & Kenji Siratori (JP) that was originally released by Kifrecording in only 10 copies back in 2007. The two last releases are both in the Remix-series (KIFBOLT), and comes both from Animal Machine and are remixes of the classics "Ten Second Compilation II" & "Ten Second Compilation III". Download and listen when you have some time on your hand.
And yeah, finally I've managed to fix the last update on the "One Year Of Noise"-box from Torstein Wjiik so it's ready to be shipped, although it's been officially released for over half a year now. 100 numbered copies and it's not gonna last forever so be quick and get a copy while you can.

Ambolthue has kind of taken an early summer vacation this year, but is breaking this vacation now by giving you the second free MP3-release by the synthastic duo Electrique Norwegique (Roar "Cadmium Dunkel" Borge & stØyvind Hellner). This is released as a kind of promo for their gig at Norwegian noise festival Støy På Landet (translated "Noise in the countryside"). The album is called Støy I Byen (translated "Noise in the city"), and it all spans over 50 minutes. If you enjoy synthesizers from the 80's or just generally synth-noise, then this is for you!
Back to the summer vacation for Ambolthue then... Need to power up those batteries, and then we will be back with a bunch of new stuff over the summer.

It's time for more fresh music on CDR's on Ambolthue today. Two great releases sounding quite different, but both has got some high quality music on them.
The first is Build A Fort, Set It On Fire - Action Songs For Children which is electro-acoustic experimental music on it's best. Almost touching into the field of musique concrete without me trying to hard to put it into a specific genre. You should take a listen for yourself and then decide what to call it. I just call it a very beautiful release.
The second release today comes from Frenchman, Olivier Dumont: Allein Luddite - Musique Pour Personne. This release could probably best be compared with Jon Wesseltoft's Under A Tropical Moon from the previous Ambolthue-catalogue, and as with the Wesseltoft-release, this is Guitar-based noise. Almost droney harsh noise spred over 4 tracks, lasting about 50 minutes, this is just a solid noise release, and Ambolthue is proud to present this newcommer which we know we will hear more from in the future. A highly recommended album (as well as the rest of our catalogue).
We also moved MP3AMBOLT-16 to the Kifbolthue catalogue as it's more suitable for the Kifbolt-remix series.

Wabba woy! Yeah, it's a new kifbolts out today, and in the same old fashioned Kifbolthue remix-style we love.
This is KIFBOLT-3: Europe Tour 2008 Collage which is a cut-up mix done by myself (Kjetil Hanssen) with recordings I did on the Europe Tour with Animal Machine, Audun Eriksen, Swamps Up Nostrils & Torstein Wjiik in November/December 2008.
As always co-released with Kifrecording. ENJOY!
There's also been a good update in the mailorder as well. Lot's of new stuff.

Well it's been two days since they were released, but as usual I'm a little slow on updating this site. Anyways. First of all it's another Card-release in the regular edition og 20. It's from Monolab and it's called Spaceman Stomp (Too Much).
The next is the first release done by myself under my proper name (Kjetil Hanssen). Don't ask me why I did this as Kjetil Hanssen and not Wjiik, but I felt it was more of a Kjetil Hanssen album in some way. Well anyway, it's called Lynching, and as you might get from the title, it's inspired by David Lynch. The first edition comes in a beautiful jakebox-cover with all info hand-written on it. Only 25 copies are available in jakebox.
The last release that came this sunday (March 1st) was the long awaited remix-album of the Maskinanlegg/Solveig Kjelstup-track "Solveigs Lied". The title is not surprisingly Solveigs Lied Remixed, and contains the 13 remixes done by a wide range of different artist + the fantastic original to open the record. This has also been released on 9 other labels with different artwork on all of them.

NEW KIFBOLD + A NICE 3": KIFBOLD-1 is finally here. It's the Lima-based artist, Apolo who has delivered a nice EP for the next in line Kifbolthue-release (the co-release MP3-series with Kifrecording). This is the first though in the Kifbolthue Demo Series, while the standard series keeps on giving you remix-music only. Three nice tracks which is hard to define as something else than experimental. Grab it for free and enjoy!
There's also a new 3" out with the new collaboration-project between Torstein Wjiik & Animal Machine called The Wjiik Animal Project. This release is a live-recording done at "Niu", Barcelona on November last year, and the title is surprisingly Live At Niu. Only 50 copies made of this, so grab it while you can! And there's more to come on Ambolthue soon. We're working on getting out the rest of the planned stuff!

NEW FREEBEE (bzzbzz):
Another fine and free MP3-release is now out. It's from Cockasians, and the title is Team Of Giraffe Engineers. A small, nice and sweet one. Get it now!

Another fine 3"CDr is now out on Ambolthue. It was released yesterday, and it's a limited edition of 50 copies 3" with Jon Wesseltoft called Under A Tropical Moon. There's two different artworks for this. 4 copies only (was gone on the day of the release) was printed in white cardboard while the rest (46 copies) is printed on black cardboard.
I've also added another review into the review-section on this site, but if you don't understand Norwegian, don't bother to read it. But enjoy the many english reviews there as well, for both Torstein Wjiik and Ambolthue.

Another year has gone and we've entered 2009. To reflect a little upon what Ambolthue has done in 2008, here are a few highlights: 48 RELEASES!!!! 48!!! Damn, that's a lot! And that's pretty much all there is to say about 2008 without going too much into details. We'll calm down a lot in 2009. To do a fear choise of records to say a few words on from 2008, I'd like to chose the factory-pressed ones. It's two of them, so I think that's fear to the rest. The first vinyl on Ambolthue, which we co-released with Synesthetic Recordings, came this year. It was a self-titled debut-release on 7" by Phonoloid (evil vinyl-recycling), and comes with beautiful artwork by Bjørn Kjetil Johansen. The other release was the debut-CD from Bjerga/Iversen which is a compilation of selected works from their over 50-records long discography up until this point. Never before on CD, just CDR, vinyl, lathe-cut and tape. This is a must!
For your own pleasure take a look through the news-site, catalogue, etc. to look back upon all the fine stuff Ambolthue has released this year!
But now over to the NEW RELEASES today. There's two fresh MP3-releases from some fellow-Norwegian experimentalists. A single from Fisk På Disc called I Hvalrossens Tegn, and a full length album from Swamps Up Nostrils called Veranda Exoappartment. Upgrade your collection and get pleased with fine new experimental "driiit" from Norway!
PS. We've finally updated the mailorder again!

Yes it's true. A whole lot of long awaited releases are finally ready to go. Four freebies and as much as twelve physical releases are now out. Still busy days here, and it may take a while for me to actually get your copies out when ordering, but please mail me if it's anything. ''One-man label'' + ''Too many releases'' = ''Fun and distraction''. You can go to the Catalogue-page to fine more info, and all the new releases are these:
Animal Machine - We Only Know In Theory (CDr)
Animal Machine - The Art Of Nothing (CDr)
Rawman - Rawman (CDr)
The Concréttes - Plastic Safety Biography (CDr)
To Live And Shave In LA & Lezet - The Wigmaker In 18th Century Williamsburg Revisited (CDr)
Fever Spoor - (Sin)king (CDr-Card)
Bjerga/Iversen - (Go With The Flow) Like A Twig On The Shoulders Of A Mighty Stream (CD)
Bºtong - Genetic Design Flaw (CDr)
_whALe_pLAtE_ - Fedn Wuano (CDr)
The Scones - Success Story From The Kitchen (CDr-Card)
Maranata - Towards The Realm Of Transgression (CDr)
Torstein Wjiik - One Year Of Noise (4xCDr-Box)
Animal Machine - Endorama (MP3-Minialbum)
Torstein Wjiik - Julaften Julaften JULAFTEN For Fan! (MP3-EP)
Animal Machine - The Final War (Tightened State Of Awareness Mix by E.G.) (MP3-Single)
Various - Ten Seconds Compilation 1, 2 & 3 Megamix (MP3-Comp.mix)
Here you've got the long awaited 4-disc box set of collected works from the first year of Torstein Wjiik's career, two new card releases, four fantastic free releases, the debut-CD from Bjerga/Iversen and a whole lot of CDr's of the finest quality. I really mean it when I say all of these are great buys! Rawman's debut-LP, two Animal Machine classics, Concréttes, TLASILA + Lezet, _whALe_pLAtE_ & Maranata. All of these quite different releases, but each is unique. Get them all or find the most suiting for you! If everything goes as planned there'll be some free MP3-samples so you can take a peak into these soon.
PS. There'll be some delay on the Mailorder up untill new years. Sorry, but I need to charge my christmas-batteries...

We're celebrating the Norwegian "mørketid" (dark-time) here in Norway after setting the time one hour back. And Ambolthue want to give a free gift for you. It's been a while since we decided to get out a release with darph/nadeR, but now it's finally here. Another free release, called Undead Beetle Muzak.

The new artwork for Kamloops - I Got To Hold A Hummingbird Today is ready. If you have the old artwork please send it to me for trade for the new official. Sorry for the trouble. You'll get a free of choise CDR from the Ambolthue catalogue (if still available) and paid shipping for the old cover to me if you help us:)

I want to apologize for using images without confirming with the owner that it was ok to use it for artwork. This is also meant to be a wake up call for people out there who may do the same mistake as me and use something for artwork that they haven't confirmed is ok to use in forhand. The artwork on AMBOLT-6 used two pictures without it being ok for the owner of the images. No excuse for that, and I want to warn people out there who maybe run a label or something themself that you should be sure that you have the rights to use the artwork before using it. I'm really sorry for using images without clarify it first and for everyone out there with this release or if you know anyone who has it, please let me know and I'll send new artwork in trade for the old which is not official any more. I'll pay the shipping costs for the trade, and give everyone a bonus for their co-operation.
And once again... I'm really sorry for letting this happen. It's not my intention to steal or missuse other people's private stuff, and I can asure you, this won't happen again. Cheers everyone, and keep in mind that it's easy to do mistakes, so be careful and double-check next time...

We're finally ready with some more physical shit, and this time it's goodshit (as always)! The debut from Origami Metallika is one of these. It's been almost a year since this was meant to be released but for some reason it never came. But it's been worth waiting for, cause this is fucking harsh noise on it's best (at least one of my own projects that I'm most satesfied on the noise-result with). The Noise Of Rust! is not a choise, but a must!
Another one of those long awaited releases are Catching Flames In And Empty Sky which is not only released on CDR, but on Single-Sided Tape as well. It's Seijiro Murayama, Martin Powell & Per Gisle Galåen who has recorded this blast of a release. 100 numbered copies on CDR and 50 numbered on tape...
Legendary Astro/Hiroshi Hasegawa has also become a member of the Ambolthue-clan. With his recording from this year's Borealis Festival he has come with an album (not surprisingly) called Live At Borealis Festival. This is another awesome release from an artist many people might know best from C.C.C.C., but should have known for more than that! He has been in other bands as well, such as YBO², Club Skull & Ginkakuji and been recording solo for 15 years now as well. There are only 100 copies of this fantastic piece of live-psychedelic-noise, so get it before it's to late.
And finally, we're all fans of the Card-releases in 20 copies each, and this time it's a live recording from this years Nødutgang Festival with Laup String Quarted who had a strange, funny and entertaining concert at Bremnes Fort where they played Eine Kleine Nachtmusik (By Memory) which is also the title on the card. Only 3 copies left for sale after all the artist copies and such is send away, so be quick if you don't want to wait for the card-comp.

The next Ambtrass is uploaded and it's another fine one from Origami Agents Anonymous. Album Two is it's name and you'll probably like it! I do at least!
The other free release is from Aatmaa. Om Namo Veerabhadraya Rudra Bhairavaya Hum Phat Swaha is it's name and it's an album made entierly on a home made instrument. This is mellow noise and it's really enjoyable as well.

First is a free downloadable co-released compilation remix which I co-released with Kif Recording. It's The Fastest Compilation Remix In The World, and it's remixed by Animal Machine. We know how little time people got these days, so we made it easy for you! 133 tracks in under 1 second. Enjoy!!!
The second release was originally released in 1984 on Trygve Mathiesen's "Likvider" label, and is said to be one of the first (if not the first) noise-release in Norway. It's Øyvind Hellner's Wolf, and Ambolthue Records is proud to get the oppertunity to give this release life again on the more modern (but crappier) format CDR. Long live tapes, but hell(ner), the original treasure should be the only one available on tape. But why not by the CDr and tape it yourself. It's got the original artwork as well!
And finally, we got the next release in the card-series released. It's 6 male wierdo's who had a small concert at last years Støy På Landet festival, playing all on just balloons. This is a recording of this, and it's released on a card called Balloony Tunes. This is strange, yet beautiful.

Origami Replika meant to release this as a 10"-vinyl 10 years ago, but it never happened. So I've got the pleasure to release this. YEAH!!! You can check out info on the MP3-release titled "Roots 80 Remix" if you like, and download it from the same link. This is great, and should be released on 10" still. Who knows. Maybe bootlegged 10"-vinyls will appear some day?

Finally, the June-release is now out, a little alte, but it's still the June-release available from Origami Ekonomika from the 24th of June. Anyway, read more about it here.

Finally, the first vinyl is out on Ambolthue and it's a co-released 7" with Synesthetic Recordings once again. This release is the debut vinyl dissection by Norwegian occult noise duo Phonoloid on this imaginatively titled 7", limited to 204 copies. I won't sell this myself through the mailorder, but you can get it from Looop which is my main distro. This is a fucking awesome release, so get it while you can!!!!
I've also posted a new review in the review-section. I'll try to post more reviews there soon as well as there are some missing. I've just been too busy lately.

The remix-compilation of DJ Bra Nesegir's "No Sides" anti-record (7"-vinyl scratched with sand-paper and sprayed with silver spray) is now finally out. It's a label-split with Synesthetic Recordings and it's limited to 40 copies only. The artwork is hand made carboard cover with pieces of broken vinyl glued on and sprayed afterwards. The title of this lovely obscure release is Siste Sort, and this is probably the best looking record you'll get this year.

The new Trass! Anarchives/AMBTRASS-release is here. This is the debut from Origami Satanika, and it's called Någonting Är På Väg. This is a dark ambient and a quite droney release, and it'll play well on your sterio. Download it, get the red paper, print and burn, and enjoy these 22 minutes of fantastic sounds.

As Maranata and Lasse Marhaug played a concert together yesterday at Café Mono in Oslo, Maranata released their new CDR here on Ambolthue called "Screaming In Tounges". As I'm not pressing these copies myself, it's not a huge stock I'm sitting on. I have no idea how soon I get to re-press more copies, so if you want a copy, buy it now! I'll get more copies soon, but it's only 50 copies in total, so it won't last too long.

And they're all physical. First out is a release that I've been planning to get out since I made the track. It's a 44 minute long piece and a follow up to the War-album in the Anti-War Series I've got as Torstein Wjiik. This is the second of all together 6 releases that will make up the series. I hope to collect these albums into a box sometime later on. This new one is called Hirsoshima and has a lot of the same elements as "War" has. It's got a ambient structure, but I'll promise you some harsh stuff again.
The second release I've got out today also includes Torstein Wjiik tracks. This is a mini-album split with Animal Machine lasting just about 10 minutes. It's maybe enough? Strange but nice album this (if it really can be called an album?)! It's also released on Kifrecording in Poland in even smaller edition than on Ambolthue. 10 to be exact, while Ambolthue released the 1st edition in 23 copies. The name of the record is quite long, and it is called "Balance Of Disorder, 3.5 Billion years Resistance To Evolution / Good Day To You Sir. How's It Going?". Enjoy!
The final release is number 50 in my catalogue. I know I've got some gaps, but believe me... Some day it'll be out. This record is a 3-way split between Kobi, Crazy River & Love Hz and it's called "Live In Kobe. This release was recorded during these three artists tour of Japan during March 2007. All these tracks was recorded at the Helluva Lounge, Kobe, Japan 26.Mar.2007. If you're looking for one of the best live splits this year I guess this should be amoung the records you can choose between.

Another Trass-release is out now. It's from Origami Uniomystika this time and it's called Jesus Loves You. Download it now!!!
Another new release is also available. The Norwegian Noise Orchestra concert from the Øya Festival in 2007 in the Dans For Voksne tent is now available on CDR from Ambolthue in limited edition of 40 copies sprayed disc version. The title is of course as easy as Live At Øyafestivalen with beautiful photos on the cover taken by Tore Borvik. There's also a un-sprayed version available that I'll start to sell when the sprayed ones are sold out, and that the artists may sell if the want. That edition is unlimited. 32 minutes of noises from 17 different persons. Sounds like a blast? It is! It's actually more exciting than you think. You can really hear the layers. Goodshit!!!

I've just updated the Origami Boe - Acoustic Laptops-release with a new track. You've got 16 more minutes of enjoyable acoustic laptop-sounds to listen to now, so download the great MP3's and the catalog now for free!!! I've also added the new AMBTRASS-Release for March. It's from Origami Traumatika, and it's named Avant-Gotlandica. Download your free goodshit now!!!

I just want to warn everyone who's sending me mails with orders that I have a strict spam-filter and I get over 100 spam-mails a day, but when I pressed the delete all spam-button yesterday I noticed (while the mail was updating) that I had an order-mail in the spam-box. This may have happened before as well, so if you haven't had any response on orders it's because it has gone in the spam-box. I'll try to check trough the spam-box better in the future, but use topics like "ORDER" or "DEMO" etc if you're mailing me. It's easier to discover the mails in the spam-pile then. Sorry if you're one of the unlucky ones.

I just released a downloadable version of "Enviromental Testing Device - Insects vs. Machines", also released as VCD on Kif Recording. It's a 1 minute long video in WMV (Please ask me for other formats if you can't play wmv / windows media video) and it can be downloaded from here: Insects vs. Machines.

The KA - 031 3"CDr is now out. It's limited to 60 numbered copies. I've also uploaded the new catalog from Origami Boe as a part of the exhibition "Acoustic Laptops". The MP3-release is called Acoustic Laptops Audio Appendix and are recorded by Origami Boe & Tom LøÝberg (Tom, who also made a mini-documentary about the laptops).

The second release in the lovely Trass! MP3-Releases-series is out now. You can download it from this site and it's called The Stranger and is made by Origami Kafka.
I'm also finally ready to let you know about the San_Pedro - San_Pedro 3"CDr I released on christmas eve 2007, but all copies was given away as christmas gift to the artist. San_Pedro said he liked the surprise, so he said I could release it properly. I gave it the catalogue number AMBOLT-44 and pressed 20 copies more, so it's totally limited to 40 copies. I't finally available for the audience!
Also the KA - 031 3"CDr is possible to order now. It'll be released in early March and is limited to 60 numbered copies, with a huge possibility for re-pressing. So Ambolthue seems to be more active than ever this year!!!

Today I released the fantastic HOH Remixer Album. It's a compilation of remixes done by HOH on various sound sources. This is a mighty good one, and if you like groovy, absurd and nice rhythms and loops then this is definitively something for you!

A new CDR with Ronny Wærnes came out yesterday. The first edition is limited to 30 copies, but there'll probably be a second print-on-demand-edition when the first edition is sold out. It's a great record, lasting about 30 minutes of fantastic energy, and the album is called Johnny Guitar.

Finally!!! The Fredrik Ness Sevendal CDR-Card is out! It's been a long time since this was confirmed, and finally you'll have the chance to get it. But only 20 copies are made, and only 3(!!!) are left in stock, so get it while you can! It's called Blood On A Seagull, and it's got beautyful artwork made by the fantastic designer Bjørn Kjetil Johansen. If you are one of the unlucky who don't get a hold of this while it's in stock, then you should definitively get the comp. with all the cards collected when it's released. This piece is one of the best tracks I've heard in a long time, so hopefully you'll be as satesfied as I am with this!

Ambolthue has finally got the first Trass! MP3-Releases-release out, and it's Origami Agents Anonymous who's first out in this series of TRASS! Anarchives/Ambolthue collaboration releases. Ambolthue will monthly release MP3-releases with Origami-stuff in the AMBTRASS-series. Keep your eyes open. The first is called Album One.
Also another MP3-release is out now from the new duo called Electrique Norwegique (Øyvind Hellner & Roar Borge), and it's a single called Electrique Norwegique. Enjoy!

Hello everyone and happy new year. There's still some copies of the Anla Courtis-card left, but not many, so be quick and get your copy! This year will be a fantastic year for Ambolthue. The already planned records to come are great, and there'll probably be more fantastic stuff to come as well, so keep your eyes open and join the mailorder if you haven't done it yet. You won't be one of the unlucky people who misses the great stuff coming out here. Well as I'm tired as hell writing this news-message I have to stop now and get some sleep. But as said, much to look forward to this year!

The next CDR-card will of course be in edition of 20 numbered copies, as all the other cards, and it will be released the first day of the first month next year: 01.January.2008 that'll say. It's the fantastic "Alarma Entrópica" from Anla Courtis of the legendary Reynols. You can pre-order this now, and you should do it, cause this might be sold out even before it's release date.

The first CDR-Card released on Ambolthue is now available again. I just found 4 of these again, and these are really the last 4 you'll ever have the oppertunity to get from me! Next time you'll see these will probably be on eBay or something (if ever!)... It's the lovely Torstein Wjiik - Judgement Day, and it costs 40NOK (about $8US). Get it while you can!

Maskinanlegg has not played live in Oslo in 2 and a half years now. Before today!!! This concert (that's highly unregular in it's way it was performed) was released on Ambolthue only few seconds after the show, and it's called Spanhein Disco 1977. It's limited to 25 copies on DVDr. Get it while it's still in stock!

Today, a new release from the fantastic Maja Ratkje was released. It's a 3"CDR in edition of only 80 copies! I doubt there will be re-pressings of this, but you never know. But this is anyway an extraordinary release that you should get anyway! The record is called Teip, and it contains 20 minutes of raw-material recorded various places over the last 3 years.

Today the new Fisk På Disc MP3-Single was released. It's a great improvised track called "Dar She Blows", and it's of course 100% free.

We all love the Origami Tacet 3" released on Ambolthue earlier. Now the duo has delivered another fantastic release, and this time it's 100% free for you to download! It's called e.xtrem t.on, and you can download it from the MP3-release section. It's simply a must to download this and burn it right away!!!

Another release in the Card Series is now released. It's Sweedish OBJEKT4 who stands behind this dark, ambient masterpiece, and this is simply something you'll have to get while you have the chanse! Only a few copies available...

It's actually more correct to say it's seven new releases that's released today on Ambolthue, but one of them is both a MP3-release and a special edition CDR. Anyway, the releases are the field-recording comp. called What More Do You Need Than A Recorder?. It's a great limited edition (100 copies) CDR with recordings from around the world.
The second release is Carl Kruger - Gravity Maps I witch is also released as a MP3-Album. The CDR-version comes with special artwork (writing book, pencil + eraser), and it's limited to 20 numbered copies.
Bonemachine is the next artist on todays menu, with his dark and nice CDR, Right Now!. It's also a limited edition as we all love, and is only available for 45 lucky people, or maybe less if someone gets a hold of more than one copy.
Finally some Japanese music on Ambolthue as well with Kenji Siratori. It's Future Freedom, a death noise record limited to 70 copies on CDR, and also released on Tape Rape Records today in edition of 10 on C60 cassette. Tape Rape Records has also released two other great releases, as the label lounches today, and the other releases is from Tape Rape (artist) and the lovely Torstein Wjiik.
Torstein Wjiik is also the guy behind the two last releases on Ambolthue today. It's the fantastic concert he did on the Støy På Landet festival this summer, and the releases are called the very same (Live At Støy På Landet). You might wonder why I mentioned two new releases from mr.Wjiik when I'm only telling you one release-title. Well, it's actually the same recording on both releases, just that it's released on different formats, one 3"CDR-version and one on 3"DVDR. This is only the first editions of both releases, as they will be re-released on 5" (normal size) CDR and DVDR when the first edition is sold out. The 3"CDR is limited to 30 copies, and the 3"DVD only to 17 copies. Both these first edition versions has got original flyers coming with the releases, and the flyer is numbered as well.
I highly reccomand buying all these new Ambolthue titles as they are all very good. And also check out Tape Rape Records (Ambolthue's new sub-label).

The reviews page has been updated now with three new Vital Weekly reviews and a review on Eat Trash, Shit Money!. It's reviews of Origami Tacet - In Low-Flux, Mystified - Mellow Utility & Mor Monsen - Lastenfound. Enjoy the reviews. By the way, there's lots of good Ambolthue-titles just around the corner...

The ugliest cover released on Ambolthue so far is now available for free download. And it also contains 4 tracks if you want to download them as well, wohoo! It's "RPM FTW" from Torstein Wjiik. The album was recorded in February for the RPM Challenge, but I decided to release it, just so you can get the fantasic (or maybe not so fantastic) music into your home... The bad cover was proudly made by myself, and hopefully you'll let your printer use a lot of ink on making the MP3's physical with the cover... Enjoy!!!

I've got some extra copies of some of the great records of my good friend Tore Bøe today, so please check the mailorder and get what you don't have of his releases. Not only is he a good guy, but he makes seriously great music as well!
Also the Origami Tacet 3"CDR is just so good that I've decided to re-pressings when the first edition of 50 copies is sold out... Probably something new with the second edition in the cover style or something, but the music is just too good to be waisted in just 50 copies...

First of all, I got a few more copies of the Love Hz - Live At Blå 3"CDr available now from the mailorder, and yesterday I was releasing 4 new releases, at the same day as the first of 3 Klubb Kanin evenings to celebrate the 10 years KK has been active. The 3 KK shows was/is in Kristiansand (9.Aug), Oslo (12.Aug) & Trondheim (29.Aug).
The releases are a 3"CDr with Origami Tacet called In Low-Flux, limited to 50 copies. And the other three records are the (FINALLY RELEASED) Origami Republika compilations KAleidoscopic #4, KAleidoscopic #5 & KAleidoscopic #6. Enjoy these great Origami releases!!!

The new net-label Badschematic has released a new Torstein Wjiik EP free to download at their site. Ambolthue Records is taking care of those of you who don't have a CD-burner or just are to lazy to burn it yourself, and has co-released Torstein Wjiik - Moth Powder with Badschematic. The already burned copies from Ambolthue is similar to the ones on Badschematic, and you'll actually own one if you just download it, burns it, and fix the cover. I've done this for you already so you don't have to do it yourself... So for about the production price you'll get your pre-burned copy from Ambolthue.

I've just released the new Mor Monsen record, called Lastenfound yesterday (Friday 13th). Also updated the Mailorder. Added a bunch of records I had extra copies of to the distro. Good stuff for a cheap price so please take a look.

A new funky MP3-EP by NXP was released today with the tributing title to this label Ambolt EP. Download the EP, for free of course, and enjoy!

I've just arrived from the Støy På Landet festival in Selbu, Norway, and I got some new shit for the mailorder. Great stuff from Humbug for a cheap price. If you don't already got these titles, then you should buy them all!!! Check my Mailorder to see the great stuff you can buy.
I also released the Pyogenic cassette tape Vacation Time this Friday (22.Jun.2007), and it's limited to 40 copies (20 black tapes & 20 white tapes), so hurry up and get it!

Finally... My good friend, Michele Scariot has just sent me the first releases on his new label DOKURO, and they're both absolutly fantastic. The first one is Nodolby - Axe Magnitude / Altered Beast (7" Vinyl). Nodolby is Michele's soloproject, and this is a great experimental/noisy record that you just can't miss. I've got 3 copies for the mailorder of this one, so be quick with your order. Michele is by the way the one half of ENT, and the second release on DOKURO is then the debut-solo EP from the other half of ENT.
That's Emanuele Bortoluzzi, releasing solo under the name Green Mine, and this release is a 3"CDR-EP with 5 great tracks. It's limited to only 74 copies, and I've only got one for sale, so be quick if you wan't to get it from me. Otherwise try to contact Michele at DOKURO.
Keep watching my mailorder. More to come...

I've added a new section on the menu on the left (reviews). I've also added the reviews on the separate info-sites of each release.

The site has now beed updatet with new design. It's now PHP instead of HTML, and that makes it easier for me to edit it, and it looks better now as well. To get to the news-site, just click the logo on the top of the site.
Today was also the release-date of the new Mystified CDR, called Mellow Utility, and it's limited to 50 copies. The CD's are sprayed by hand, so they all looks differet from each other. It's nice, and a good buy!

My good friend Maskinanlegg released his second solo-release on Ambolthue Records today. It's a recording of the concert he did today in Bergen, and it's called "Erlend Hammer Wasn't Made For This". I'm also currently working on the layout on this website, so there could be some delay in the news posting until this is fixed.

The first compillation, Don't Get Annoyed, Get Inspired!, is now released on CD. It's packed with the best artists you can imagine, and it's the best compillation available, he he! It's well worth it's price, and you won't be able to stop listening to it, simply because it's too good.

Another free MP3-release is now available here. It's Cadmium Dunkel who made this funky MP3-EP and it's called "Trenody For The Victims Of Religion". Play loud and enjoy!

Bjerga/Iversen/Madame P - Broken English (AMBOLT-11) is now released. This is a collection of live recordings from Sheffield (Cricketers Arms, 10.Oct.2006), Leeds (Cardigan Arms, 11.Oct.2006), Newcastle (Chillingham Arms, 12.Oct.2006) and Brighton (Prince Albert, 15.Oct.2006), and the CDr is limited to edition of 155 copies.

The releases keeps coming, and here's another: Cadmium Wjiik - Victims Of Religion Split (AMBOLT-16) is now released, and it's just great. It's been a little while since I've uploaded samples from the releases for you, but I'm working on it.

Mixturizer - Agoniacustica (AMBOLT-20) is out now! Five minutes of noisy sounds with a great structure, and a good developtment within the track. Simply a lovely release, and yes, it's a new release in the "Business-card series", and therefor released in edition of only 20 numbered copies. Want to get it while you can, just mail me at ambolthue[AT]gmail.com (Replace [AT] with @ when mailing. This is to avoid spam).
As I mentioned earlier, this month's going to be full of releases, and right around the corner is a split (Cadmium Wjiik), and Bjerga/Iversen/Madame P - Broken English at least. I hope to get out even more before the end of the month.

This is sure the month of Ambolthue-releases, and here's a new MP3-album for you, and again it's Tore Honoré Bøe with a fantastic collection of exciting sounds. The album's called Viscum Album and once again it's free for you to download. Amazing music for all of you, and I'll promise to give you a lot of new great Ambolthue releases this month.
And I'm working on making a maillist for all of you interested, so please mail me at ambolthue@gmail.com.

A split between the great Krakilsk label in Trondheim and Ambolthue was released today, and it is also a split-release between Swamps Up Nostrils and Torstein Wjiik. It's called Øresus & Dus and is what I would call a pretty great record! Buy it, buy it, buy it!!!

Yesterday (Monday 02.Apr.2007) the first record in the "Anti-War Series" from Torstein Wjiik was released. It's called simply just "War", and was released in edition of 39 copies.

A new MP3-release is now ready to be downloaded. MP3AMBOLT-4 from Tore Honoré Bøe called Endgame is free, and simply fantastic. Check it out, and be pleased!

AMBOLT-14 is out now. Fisk På Disc - Coming Ashore CDR-Card is now out with only few copies left. It was released last monday (19.Mar.2007) in edition of 20 numbered copies, as all cards in the business-card series.

Love Hz's new 3"CDR, released right before the Japan tour he's going on with Kobi & Crazy River on 18.Mar.2007. This record is limited to 50 numbered copies, and is recorded on two Radionette Kurér radios from the 1950's. Read more about it, and hear an extract om the record's site: AMBOLT-8 Love Hz - Live At Blå.

New MP3-single:
A new MP3-single by Origami Boe is now released. MP3AMBOLT-2 - Noise Diary, contains two 4-minute long tracks, and it's the first release in Origami Boe's Noise Diary. Check the MP3-site for more info...

This Tuesday (06.Feb.2007), there where two reviews in Vital Weekly of the Ambolthue releases: Kamloops - I Got To Hold A Hummingbird Today! and Mystified - Instability. You can read the reviews on Vital Weekly's Homepage (Vital Weekly Nr. 563), or check the reviews on the releases page on this site.
I've also updated the catalogue with some upcoming releases. Not too much info about them yet, and there's even one of the releases that still are a secret. I'll update the info as soon as I have it. By the way; I'm looking for artists to release MP3-releases as well...

I fixed my computer yesterday, and started pressing the Mystified - Instability record right away. So it was releases today already. See more here: AMBOLT-7.

My PC has some hardware trouble at the moment, so I'm sitting on a laptop right now. An extract of the Kamloops record is now awailable at the download section. The quality on the extrack is kind of bad (some error when I made the extract) so it's cleaner on the real release.
The Mystified record (AMBOLT-7) will soon be out I have to mention again, and there are lots of other planned releases coming up soon.

Another record just around the corner:
AMBOLT-7 is soon ready. It'll be released sometime this month. It's Mystified who's behind this record, and more info will soon be updated.

Hello 2007!
Happy new year.

Goodbye 2006!

Merry Christmas!

Ambolt-6 to come:
The next ambolthue-release is on it's way, and it's a CDr from Kamloops, who also has a contribution on the upcoming compilation Don't Get Annoyed, Get Inspired! under the name staplerfahrer. Info about the release (length, instruments, numbers of copies, and such) will get updated as soon as possible.

Finally there's some reviews of some Ambolthue releases, and they're both in Vital Weekly, a net-review site runned by Frans de Waard. You can find the reviews on this weeks Vital Weekly (nr.555), or check out Maskinanlegg - Fabrikk, and Red Needled Sea - 4 days off, on this site, where I have copied the reviews as well.

Mailorder site is now up, but still I haven't got a way for receiving payments. I've listed up the items I've got for sale so far, and this site will be updated continuously. I'll try to get a paypal account soon, so it'll be easier to purchase stuff from my mailorder. Mail me for more info (ambolthue@gmail.com).

Red Needled Sea - 4 days off (CD-R, Limited Edition of 70 numbered copies)

A new artist with a new release (just to be pressed) has now been added to the site.
Red Needled Sea from Greece, has a new release "4 days off" coming as soon as it's pressed. You can get a free part of the track "day 3" to check out some of the good music.

The site has now got new design. The background is the only thing that's changed so far, but the design will get updated continuously.
By the way, please tell me if there are any errors, or misspellings on the site.

Maskinanlegg - Fabrikk is out now. Only 49 copies made.
The title was changed from Fabrik to Fabrikk.

The site has been updated with a new layout, and MP3-Releases. The Contributing To Compilations has changed name to Contributing, and more detailed info has been added.

Artist list has been updated on "Don't Get Annoyed, Get Inspired! (Upcoming CD Compilation Release). I have now added a list of those artist who I have got tracks from so far, and a list of artists who has said they are going to contribute.
There may be a possibility that the CD gets released as a double CD.

The Compilation "Don't Get Annoyed, Get Inspired! (AMBOLT-3)" has now been updatet. The record has now been upgraded to CD from CDr. This means more copies, better quality (probably), better distrubution, and easier to get!
The info will be updated as often as possible!
Also the Contrubutions to compilations site has been updated as well...

AMBOLT-4 has now been updatet with info, and instrumentlist.

AMBOLT-4 has now been updatet, with an mp3 sample free for download.

List of Ambolthue Artists is now added to the site. And a Torstein Wjiik link has been added to the link site...

Info about contributing to the Ambolthue Compilations, a whole lot of links, and an contact/mail link is added. Also added three mp3's and two backgrounds in the Downloads section.

The site is up and going. Catalogue and Downloads is up. 29.Sep.2006
Artist list has been updated on "Don't Get Annoyed, Get Inspired! (Upcoming CD Compilation Release). I have now added a list of those artist who I have got tracks from so far, and a list of artists who has said they are going to contribute.
There may be a possibility that the CD gets released as a double CD.

The Compilation "Don't Get Annoyed, Get Inspired! (AMBOLT-3)" has now been updatet. The record has now been upgraded to CD from CDr. This means more copies, better quality (probably), better distrubution, and easier to get!
The info will be updated as often as possible!
Also the Contrubutions to compilations site has been updated as well...

AMBOLT-4 has now been updatet with info, and instrumentlist.

AMBOLT-4 has now been updatet, with an mp3 sample free for download.

List of Ambolthue Artists is now added to the site. And a Torstein Wjiik link has been added to the link site...

Info about contributing to the Ambolthue Compilations, a whole lot of links, and an contact/mail link is added. Also added three mp3's and two backgrounds in the Downloads section.

The site is up and going. Catalogue and Downloads is up.