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Important Info
The "Non-Stop Project" is just a (hopefully) everlasting compilation-series, where I collect all kinds of experimental music. As soon as I've got enough to release a new compillation I'll do it, and then the collecting for a new comp. will start. Anyone can join this, but you have to know this:
-I don't know witch format the release will be in before I've collected enough to fill it up (could be CDR, CD, Cassette-tape, Vinyl, etc). But it's at least a physical release (Not MP3-comp), so you get at least one artist-copy.
-The amount of artist-copies I can give you depends on how many the release is limited to. If I got 20 artists and 50 copies you'll probably only get one copy each...
-I can't give you any money (the release or releases you'll get is the payment), so please don't give me anything if your intention is to get money out of it. It's for the music.
-You'll get to be on a compilation with lots of artists you've may or may not have heard of, so be open:) If you're intention is to be on a more specific compilation, then try another label, or wait until Ambolthue Records starts a more specific comp. (like field-rec, pure noise, drums&bass etc.)
-Please provide info (address, email, name, and as much as possible) when you're sending the contribution.
-I'll give you feedback as soon as I've listened to what you've given me, so you'll know if the track will be released... (Also if you don't get any feedback, it'll be because I haven't got the track from you...)
-Remember that Ambolthue is a "happy-label". Don't Get Annoyed, Get Inspired!

Contact me on ambolthue@gmail.com if you're interrested or have any questions.

Collecting Music For Right Now

Releases So Far
-Don't Get Annoyed, Get Inspired! (AMBOLT-3) (CD)