Torstein Wjiik / Swamps Up Nostrils - Øresus Og Dus

Front Cover

    1.Torstein Wjiik - Processed Work (1:11)
    2.Torstein Wjiik - Size XL (15:12)
    3.Torstein Wjiik - Size XXL (8:47)
    4.Torstein Wjiik - Hyperactive (Noised Up) (3:42) [mp3]
    5.Swamps Up Nostrils - Sick Theremin (0:41)
    6.Swamps Up Nostrils - Kvakksalve (8:12)
    7.Swamps Up Nostrils - Omgwtf (6:08)
    8.Swamps Up Nostrils - Kibrdmkksht (6:07)
    9.Swamps Up Nostrils - Farsk1 (5:30)
    10.Swamps Up Nostrils - Sinnakaill (1:03) [mp3]
    11.Swamps Up Nostrils - Herpolainen (6:06)

    Torstein Wjiik and Swamps Up Nostrils decided to share a split a little while ago, and release it as a co-release between Swamps' nice little label Krakilsk and Ambolthue. This is that split, a funky collection of weird and wonderful tracks made for those quiet or not so quiet evenings, or mornings, where you might or might not want to listen to music while doing nothing, or doing something, or something in between if that is possible. Among other things on this album you might find stuff like; multifractured noise cascades, rythmic lo-fi madness, traumatized sound toys and other dysfunctional electronix, improbable athmospheres, meta-static, good vibrations, and all in all a considerable amounts of mangled waveforms. Suitable for all ages. Recommended by The Tinnitus Society! Comes in super-stapled cover with inlays, all superb artwork by Groteske Bill.
    Also got the Krakilsk catalogue number: kra022
    Released: 05.Apr.2007

    Swamps' Instruments:
    -A bunch of Guitar-pedals
    -"The Gnome"(mini el-guitar)
    -Some Circuitbended instruments (for example a toy synth-guitar, elektrical ABC and a unsuccessful "mogwai"
    -"The Chaos-briefcase"

    Wjiik's Instruments:
    -Microphone (Both working mics and fucked-up mics)
    -Electric Guitar
    -A bunch of cables (Some of them where broken)
    -Some effec-pedals

    Four more tracks by Torsten Wjiik can be found on a split CDR with Swamps Up Nostrils. More along the lines of his 'Have A Noise Day', except that 'Hyperactive' is held together by some forceful beats. Nice but a bit superfluous after the previous release. Swamps Up Nostrils is a name we came across before, and it's the project of Arnfinn Killingtveit, the owner of Krakilsk and many other musical enterprises. I though Swamps Up Nostrils played some more wicked version of rhythmic - read: techno inspired - industrial music but here the spirit is more towards rhythm 'n noise. Heavy pieces of broken up music and sound. Still not always top stuff, as much of it is just a bit too crude for my taste.
    Vital Weekly nr.573

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