Bjerga/Iversen/Madame P - Broken English

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    1.Sheffield (16:32)
    2.Leeds (13:53)
    3.Newcastle (9:12)
    4.Brighton Soundcheck (0:26)
    5.Brighton (13:41)

    Recorded live between 10.Oct.2006 and 15.Oct.2006.
    Limited edition of 155 numbered copies.

    Sindre Bjerga: Percussion, tapes, voice and effects
    Jan-M Iversen: Electronics
    Madame P: Voice, effects and electronics
    Tom Greenwood: Guitar and effects on track 2

    Late last year Bjerga and Iversen did a tour in the UK (marketing tool number one if you want to be famous: play loads of concerts) and on the road, part of the same tour they ran across Madame P, who herself is an active force in the world CDRs, touring and tourism. I saw her already a couple of times, but I don't think much of her work was reviewed in our pages. She sings and feeds it through various sound effects and electronica. Like it is common in these areas, on evenings like this, everybody plays together and on 'Broken English' (wasn't that a LP by Marianne Faithfull?) there are the best fragments from four different evenings around the UK. Over the course of some years now, Bjerga/Iversen are a duo that can play a subtle tune or two of an entirely improvised nature, sometimes spot on and sometimes a total miss. Madame P's own music is more like sound poetry, but sometimes with a good touch of popmusic. However the menage a trois here, doesn't always work well. First of all the recording is not really great, all done with a microphone (noisy audience, yuk!), but the sounds do not always seem to match very well. Sometimes they are banging on and on, such as in 'Newcastle' and sometimes they seem to be searching too much for perhaps anything to happen. The pieces are in chronological order here and it turns out that the final piece, recorded in Brighton is the best one. Hunted and haunted, this speeds on through a wall of noise of rhythm and feedback. Not entirely convincing, this collaboration. (FdW)
    Vital Weekly nr.578

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