Various - What More Do You Need Than A Recorder?

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    1.Mystified - Rain After Heat (4:03)
    2.Joshua Manchester - Zion Morning Birdsong (2:09)
    3.Aatmaa - ETD-55-4 (0:15)
    4.Rinus Van Alebeek - Himalaya (3:05)
    5.Bjerga/Iversen - On A Plane (4:52)
    6.Martin Clarke - Wszerzecz Birdsong (4:11)
    7.Brekekekexkoaxkoax - Shalasheleg (2:46)
    8.Joshua Manchester - Brynce Canyon Cliff (2:02)
    9.Swamps Up Nostrils - Soveromsvindu Om Natta (3:09)
    10.Eldad Tsabary - In The Eye Of A Believer (5:31)
    11.Torstein Wjiik - Chopter (4:18)
    12.Lasse-Marc Riek - Harbour Marmaras 01 (2:21)
    13.Aatmaa - ETD-55-1 (0:11)
    14.Martin Clarke - Skansen (1:51)
    15.Ieva - Tokyo No Densha Wa (4:08)
    16.Lasse-Marc Riek - Harbour Marmaras 02 (3:22)
    17.HarS - Stayin' Alive (3:52)
    18.Joshua Manchester - Virgin River In Spring (1:41)
    19.Chris DeLaurenti - Bard Swings (4:45)
    20.Aatmaa - ETD-55-7 (0:12)

    This is a compilation of various field-recordings done by 14 different artists from all over the world. Individual info for each track can be found HERE!!!!.
    Released 03.Oct.2007.

    From Vital Weekly 597

    A title explaining it all: what more do you need than a recorder? Right, to be a musician, nothing much more really than a tape recorder. At least that's of course if you don't like a guitar and field recordings. All of the people on this fully loaded compilation have a recording device, some of them are mentioned on the liner notes: minidisc, dictaphone, DAT, binaural microphones and even a mobile phone. In all twenty tracks no additional processing is used. What I like about this compilation is the amount of new kids on the block like Joshua Manchester, Martin Clarke, Eldad Tsabary, Aatmaa and Ieva and also that some of the people that we only know through their music, such as Mystified, Swamps Up Nostrils and Torsten Wjiik bring something that is unaltered. It's a very nice and varied compilation. Some of the pieces could have easily been on 'Rhythm' (see last week), but the briefness of the tracks and the clarification in the liner notes make this a highly interesting compilation. Also included are HarS, Lasse-Marc Riek, Chris DeLaurenti, Bjerga/Iversen, Brekekekexkoaxkoax and Rinus van Alebeek. And at times as noisy as the usual releases on this label (which are in the hands of Jliat), in case you have any doubt about that. (FdW)
    Vital Weekly (597)

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