Origami Tacet - In Low-Flux

Front Cover

1.Untitled (0:29)
2.Untitled (2:25)
3.Untitled (2:22)
4.Untitled (1:52)
5.Untitled (0:44)
6.Untitled (3:33)
7.Untitled (0:56)
8.Untitled (4:33)
9.Untitled (1:00)
10.Untitled (0:50)

Michael F. Duch A192 & Boe A22 made this little record on Violin & Hum (Michael) and Acoustic Laptop & Hiss (Boe).
First edition limited edition of 50 copies.
Released: 09.Aug.2007

ORIGAMI TACET - IN LOW-FLUX (3"CDR by Ambolthue Records)
The most interesting new release on Ambolthue is the one from Origami Tacet, a duo of Micheal F. Duch on violin and 'hum' and Tore H. Boe on acoustic laptop and hiss. The acoustic laptop is a wooden box with objects, which Boe plays like a laptop. This is a duet of improvised music of scratchy and squeky violin sounds combined with moments of silence, the hiss and hum part I assume. Quite a nice work, that could have been a bit more intense I assume, but nevertheless makes up an interesting work of sound versus silence. (FdW)
Vital Weekly nr.593