Torstein Wjiik - War


1.War (52:15)

Recorded 02.March.2007 in bedroom in real-time. Mixing and editing where done on 03.March.2007.
All music, cover design, inside cover-photo and production by Kjetil Hanssen.
Front and back cover-photos by Martin Hanssen.
This is the first release in the Anti-War series by Torstein Wjiik, and was limited in edition of 39 copies (since WW2 started in 1939). The series will end when "End Of War" is released.
Released: 02.April.2007

These instruments where used on this record:
-Old Commandore 64 Cassettes played in Audio Cassette player.

On Wjiik we go from religion to war, to some perhaps a short step. Here we find just one track, recorded in march of this year 'in bedroom using samples of old commadore 64 cassettes played in tape-recorder and a computer'. That does sound familiar to anybody under twenty-five? Probably not, but in the good (?) ol' days information for home computers was stored on cassettes, which, if played on a sound system, gave some incredible great noise. Here these noises are sampled and treated in the latest generation computers - time flies in the world of information technology. We find Wjiik in more common noise ground on this one, although in the fifty some minutes he takes us by the hand and lead us through various sceneries. High piercing tones, sweeping in all directions, cut ups and lower ranged sounds. If you like noise with a conceptual twist, then this is for you. For me, I wonder: war? what is it good for? Absolutely nothing.(FdW)
Vital Weekly nr.578