Cadmium Wjiik - Victims Of Religion Split

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1.Torstein Wjiik - Why Hate When You Can Love (30:30)
2.Cadmium Dunkel - Trenody For The Victims Of Religion Part 2 (7:23)
3.Cadmium Dunkel - Trenody For The Victims Of Religion Part 4 (feat. Carl Erik Husebye) (13:02)
4.Cadmium Dunkel - Trenody For The Victims Of Religion Part 5 (16:23)

Torstein Wjiik's track was recorded 12.Mar.2007 using nothing but prerecorded sounds and a computer.
For the Cadmium Dunkel tracks: To some extent composed. Recorded, lost and refound through late summer 2006. Everything done in The Musical Box at Enerhaugen, Oslo and along E6 and near the railroad track in Tønsberg.
Limited to 90 numbered copies.
Released: 18.Apr.2007

Instruments & Tools Used:
Wjiik's Instruments:

Cadmiums's Instruments:
-Electric and electroakustic guitars and bassguitar
-Guitar and bassamps (hardware and software)
-Effects (hardware and software)
-Semi-modular and modular synths as bass and guitar effects ( hardware and software)
-Minidisc-recorder for field recordings
-Rubbish (electric and acustic)
-Speakers - also used as microphones
-Brødrene Knutsen piano, tuned - or untuned - by time and misuse
-Two PCs
-Radios (steam and transistor)
-Insects (acustic)
-Brave neighbours (scilense and electrik drill)
-Software-synth (Part 4)

More by Torstein Wjiik, also known to mankind as Kjetil Hanssen, who has a split release with Cadmium Dunkel and a full length of his own. His piece of the split last some thirty minutes and it starts out in a rather mellow mood; mellow, for a noise maker that is. 'Why Hate When You Can Love' is the title of the piece, and save for some noise outburst here and there, Wjiik shows he can make an interesting piece of noise related ambient. Including bird twitter. Cadmium Dunkel has been around for some time (more) and it shows in his four part 'Trenody [sic] For The Victims Of Religion', four parts, curiously named part 1, 2, 4 and 5. Gone are his days with drums and gothic undercurrents, all are now replaced by a true love of deep sonic rumbling. Somewhere there leaps a bit of percussive sounds in, but it stays through out in deep rumbling territory. Yes, perhaps like a threnody.(FdW)
Vital Weekly nr.578

"Victims Of Religion Split"
(CDr | 2007)
Ambolthue Records
Reviewed by Manuel (2007/04/25)
This new release is credited to Cadmium Wjiik and it refers to the collaboration between Cadmium Dunkel & Torstein Wjiik. This album starts with a peaceful melodic 30 minutes long song by Torstein Wjiik made of static, slow, bass boosted sounds called "Why Hate When You Can Love", It shocks when after 9 minutes of non-rhythm is appearing an "acid" bass which gives more originality and rhythm to the song, that's the way this works, starting slowly and more and more different synth sounds are being added but always mantaining a slow and melodic line building a whole huge structure along the song which could contain 5 songs itself. Great composition but to add some positive criticism, maybe a little slow to begin things happening.
Cadmium Dunkel takes over from this slow experimental sounds started by Torstein on 1st track with a 3 parts work called "Trenody For The Victims Of Religion", at this point not much new elements found and It's staying static and quite absorbing thuroughly with some very good background ambients and some well worked out industrial reminiscences.
So the colaboration is justified when both do their own thing in the same context and to summarize, this whole is a really serious work with some delicate elements and a great feeling to it which should be well received.
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