Mor Monsen - Lastenfound

Front Cover

1.Vangsåsa (4:05)
2.Ramah (3:47)
3.Kanutten (4:25)
4.Trass (5:14)
5.Mimre (3:54)
6.Odden (4:48)
7.Vanntårnet (5:31)
8.Ruffen (4:51)
9.Jeg Har En Motor Inni Meg (4:56)
10.Mens Vi Går Å Legger Oss (5:08)
11.Myse (4:32)

Cover photos taken by Simen Berger, and layout by Kjetil Hanssen.
Limited edition of 80 copies
Released 13.Jul.2007

MOR MONSEN - LASTENFOUND (CDR by Ambolthue Records)
Behind Mor Monsen is one Peter Monsen, but the choose the surname Mor after some Norwegian cake. He played with Biologisk Helt Feil, a Norwegian freak band, but also with André Borgen, Anders Gjerde and Martin Furan and he classifies his music as noise, which is what he does here. His music is indeed quite crude and loud, recorded with lowest means, cut together in a collage like way, which is a kinda nice approach for a change, but altogether it's not much of interest. Too basic in appareance with just not enough new ideas. (FdW)
Vital Weekly nr.593
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