Kenji Siratori - Future Freedom

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1.Future Freedom 1 (22:45)
2.Future Freedom 2 (25:30)

Limited edition of 70 copies.
Released 03.Oct.2007.

Also a review of Bonemachine - Right Now!
I reviewed a collaboration of Kenji Siratori sometime back (Vital Weekly 594) in which he utilized his rather fierce voice against Federico Barabino's gentle guitar work but this CDr is nothing like - has two tracks of pure noise (yes i'm happy) - the first track could be using, field recordings, as could the second with sufficient morphing from the various effects, both tracks are walls of noise - clatter and shards of sound - perhaps cracking ice and worn machinery tearing itself apart Bone Machine has a sustained rhythm throughout its industrial reverberated wash of industrial clanking, annoying like the alarm that continually sounds at the atomic plant at windscale - now renamed sellafields - well change the name and the radioactivity might go away, anyway as long as you hear the alarm everything is OK - when it stops you,re dead, this then might be a release celebrating the infamous event 50 years ago in the reactor which was being used to make Britain's A Bomb - (hooray! And God save the Queen!) 'On the morning of Friday October 11 and at its peak, 11 tonnes of uranium were ablaze.' Hummm - kept that quiet but I digress - that might have helped my coming to terms with the piece - but this all too rhythmical work with its cinema horror voice-overs is not convincing - with the Kenji piece the alarm rhythm (of life) has stopped and we are once more returning to the chaos of atomic particles from whence we accidentally came - nice! (jliat)
Vital Weekly nr.598

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