HOH Remixer

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1.Manipulated Improvisations 3 (Frode Gjerstad) (5:24)
2.aksqøok (Nils Henrik Asheim) (6:12)
3.Tangled Up In Glue III (Bjerga/Iversen) (2:12)
4.Velocity (Sleepyard) (3:11)
5.Tee & Fro (Frode Gjerstad / Terje Isungset) (2:29)
6.aHA3 (Anders Hana) (3:40)
7.Und2 (Fisk På Disc) (4:16)
8.Two Where (Arnfinn Øksendal) (4:34)
9.aksqøok (Kort) (Nils Henrik Asheim) (1:58)
10.Stuffing Kit Remix (Crisp) (Anders Hana) (3:52)

This record is a compilation of previous released and unreleased work where HOH remixes other artists.
Limited to 77 copies.
Released: 19.Feb.2008.

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