Maskinanlegg - Fabrikk

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    1.Fabrikk (20:02) [mp3 sample]

    The record was made in the period 2003-2006.
    Cover design by Bjørnar.
    Released 04.Oct.2006 in edition of 49 numbered copies.

    These instruments where used on this record:
    -One Roland R77 Rythm machine from 1977
    -One Studiomaster mixing table from 1980
    -Cheap Cables
    -A Computer

    MASKINANLEGG - FABRIKK (3"CDR by Ambolthue Records)
    Maskinanlkegg is Bjørn Hatterud, of whom reviewed some music before. For this new release, Bjørn uses "one Roland R77 Rythm machine from 1977, one studiomaster mixing table from 1980, cheap cables and a computer" to create a twenty minute piece of harsh rhythmic music, that sounds as gritty and dirty as in Esplendor Geometrico's early (and best) days. The rhythm is fed through a bunch of plug ins and outs and make a heavy deforming sound. It moves away from the previous Maskinanlkegg releases, which were more towards real noise, without too much rhythm. You can wonder if twenty minutes is perhaps a bit too much for such a single minded piece, but it works well.
    Vital Weekly nr.555
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