Origami Metallika - The Noise Of Rust!

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1.Somebody Just Threw A Bucket At Me (12:34)
2.Treat Me Like A Cunt! But Smooth! (5:35)
3.Hit Me Baby One More Time! (3:24)
4.Fudge, Fudge And Some More Fudge... (7:20)
5.Milking A Cat (1:42)
6.A Tribute To Tetsuo! (4:55)
7.Frankly My Dear, I Don't Give A Ham! (0:53)
8.The Noise Of Rust! (6:37)

This is the debut-album from Origami Metallika and has been ready for almost a year. If you're into harsh noise this is for you. Extreme music on it's best!
Recorded between August and December 2007, and mastered December 2007, all by Kjetil Hanssen.
Released: 20.Sep.2008

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