Øyvind Hellner - Wolf

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1.Robert (Long Version) (1:48)
2.Konsentrert Lyd (Mono) (19:30)
3.Flight 609-10 (4:55)
4.Funk (12:47)
5.Krinken; Flangert (5:51) [mp3]
6.Melodiøse Effekter (5:22)
7.Synthesizer Konsert I Østre Aker Krk (3:00)
8.Mens Vi Venter På Mer (1:28)

Originally released on tape by Trygve Mathiesen's "Likvider" label, August 1984. Ambolthue is very proud and happy for the oppertunity to release this treasure from the archive of Norwegian classics! This has been said to be one of the first noise-releases in Norway.
Released: 14.Aug.2008

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