Torstein Wjiik / Animal Machine
"Balance Of Disorder, 3.5 Billion Years Resistance To Evolution / Good Day To You Sir. How's It Going?"

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1.Torstein Wjiik - Bass In Tha Face (0:31)
2.Torstein Wjiik - Gazolin In Tha Face (0:20)
3.Torstein Wjiik - Yo Mate, What's That In The Face (Of Yours)? (0:20)
4.Torstein Wjiik - Space! In Tha Face! (0:16)
5.Torstein Wjiik - Good Day To You Sir. How's It Going? (1:06)
6.Animal Machine - Balance Of Disorder 3.5 Billion Years Resistance To Evolution (0:35)
7.Animal Machine - Oxiourus Hibernating In An Old Mammalian Hardware (0:33)
8.Animal Machine - Hymen & Micro Bikini's ,Adrenal-stress Charge In The Sphincter Stretching (0:30)
9.Animal Machine - Priapism, Physical Aeon Extending From The Internal To The External Urethral Orifice (0:35)
10.Animal Machine - Trichinella Spiralis, Multi-discipline Approach To Fitness American Porky's (0:20)

Torstein Wjiik: All tracks recorded the 17th of April, 2008, using samples from other windows sounds on a computer without sound.
Animal Machine: No info available, please come back tomorrow thank you!!!
Also released on Kif Recording with different artwork.
Artwork by: Kjetil Hanssen.
1st edition of 23 numbered copies.
Released: 12.May.2008

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