Red Needled Sea - 4 days off

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    Tracklist: 1 (15:40) 2 (11:07) 3 (9:48) [mp3 sample] 4 (11:51)

    Recorded live, 27.Oct.2006, and mixed the same day. No overdubs.
    This is the big brother of "alt/ctrl/del" (released on tibprod).
    Limited edition of 70 numbered copies.
    Released 10.Nov.2006.

    These instruments where used on this record:
    -Mobile Phones
    -Hand Clocks
    -Guitar Effects
    -Guitar Amp
    -Violin Bow

    RED NEEDLED SEA - 4 DAYS OFF (CDR by Ambolthue Records)
    Red Needled Sea is one Panos Alexiades from Greece, of whom I never heard. Apparently he had four days off somewhere and used that time to record this work. Things start out in the very soft manner, and it seems like another Francisco Lopez. But out of the shimmering mass very loose ends come forward and suddenly we recognize that all of it comes from a guitar. Red Needled Sea plays the guitar in a rather improvised manner, feeding it off through a couple of sound effects (one of them being a phaser, which I didn't expect to hear again in my life), and throughout it's quite a nice work. Sometimes it all drags a bit on without too many changes or new ideas, or, such as in 'Day 4' when we get to hear all the sound effects and their endless possibilties, but it was not bad at all.
    Vital Weekly nr.555
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