Various - Siste Sort: DJ Bra Nesegir Remixed

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1.Pål Asle Pettersen - Nesegrus (1:50)
2.Koff Koff - Umiddelbare Inntrykk Fra En Uinnvidd (0:05)
3.Maskinanlegg - It's A Jungle Out There (1:46)
4.Iversen - With Idea Of Trainers Who Will Play Farther Who Not (4:10)
5.Kjetil Hanssen - No Sides! (Remigz) (4:22)
6.Cripple - Auntie Micks (2:25)
7.Static Electrician - No Sides (Left Hand Path Remix) (4:03)
8.Wrest - On Everyone Elses Terms (45:18)

This is a compilation of remixes done by various artists with material from the "DJ Bra Nesegir" anti-record (7" vinyl scratched broken with sandpaper, and sprayed in silver): "No Sides".
This release is a collaboration-release with Synesthetic Recordings (SYRE 022), and it's limited to 40 copies.

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