The Concréttes - Plastic Safety Biography

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1.Moderation Of Teeth Too Short To Ride (7:20)
2.Newcastle Practical Woman (6:42)
3.Poor Flatland (2:48)
4.Circular Neo-therapeutic Gymnasioum (2:48)
5.Promising Child (2:39)
6.Colour Revolt (1:49)
7.Jazz Rooms Alarm The Police (5:09)
8.No Sides (4:26)
9.Pit (8:46)
10.Splashguard Of The Heart (Side One) (22.26)
-Splashguard Of The Heart
-Experimental Officer In Weaving
-Interdental Music
-Curvature Of The Spine
-Double Life Plea Bargin
-Wagon Wheel Pack Saddle Latigo Safety Knot
-Dead In The Bingo Trench.

The super-quartet with Mark Vernon, THF Drenching, Sonic Pleasure and Justin Wiggan has made a fantastic album for Ambolthue.
Released: 15.Des.2008

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