(Go With The Flow) Like A Twig On The Shoulders Of A Mighty Stream

Front Cover

1.There's Always A Little Light That Shines (Edit) (5:56)
2.Drawn To The Light, Like Moths To A Flame (Edit) (4:16)
3.The Trumpets Of Silence (Edit) (16:12)
4.Bleak Horizon (2:13)
5.Spray Paint Sun In A Cardboard Universe (5:21)
6.Aggreko Generator III (5:36)
7.There's A Ghost In The Dream Machine (Edit) (5:23)
8.Killed By Two Birds And One Stone (7:23)
9.Norwegian Moonshine (Edit) (5:28)
10.Aluminium Angels (Edit) (5:36)
11.There's Always A Little Light That Shines (Reprise) (2:01)
12.Most Things Are Made Of Water Pt. 2 (Edit) (7:56)

Debut CD from Bjerga/Iversen with a collection of the finest there is of the long list of previous diy-releases.
Co-released with the Norwegian labels Tibprod. and Gold Soundz + the U.S. labels Carbon Records and Phantom Limb.
Limited to 500 copies.
Released: 14.Nov.2008

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