Kamloops - I Got To Hold A Hummingbird Today

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    1.I Got To Hold A Hummingbird Today (29:23) [mp3 sample]

    Recorded at home in the summer of 2006.
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    Edition of 120 copies (60 in 7" vinyl-slip, and 60 in CD-slip).
    Released 03.Jan.2007.

    Instruments used:
    CDs with samples of Steffan De Turck's (Kamloops) own work, which he fed through a mixer, which he fed back on itself and then the output of the mixer was fed through effect pedals...

    And ah noise when we go back to the Ambolthue catalogue. Kamloops is new to me, but it turns out to be a side project of our Dutch friend Staplerfahrer, who work started out in the more noisy oriented areas of the music world, but since quite some time mellowed out. So time for a noise oriented side project. Here he presents one track of about thirty minutes, of digital noise, clipping in the high end. Highly stereo (for once I am listening of headphones, not to disturb the young one around) and highly minimal in approach. Walls of feedback float around. It's all nice indeed, but for one idea perhaps fifteen minutes too long. (FdW)
    Vital Weekly nr.563

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