To Live And Shave In LA & Lezet
The Wigmaker In 18th Century Williamsburg Revisited

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1.Travelogue One (0:58)
2.Blandina, Oberwilding '77 (3:27)
3.Nor Swollen-Bellied Comet Blown (2:55)
4.Bled Into Minar Thirsty-Aught (5:07)
5.Full-Choke Wigmaker's Vise (3:17)
6.New Poem Dramatized For Lux Cudgel (1:57)
7.Travelogue Two_ (2:00)
8.Tortillon Fluff (2:07)
9.The _Rose_ The Vehicle Of Miss High Heels_ (1:31)
10.Ideas Make Med Hard_(3:05)
11.When My Rifle Went Sour With Preposterous Headdress (8:31)
12.Fills Mouth And Cunt With _Pathetic Route (4:05)
13.Travelogue Three (0:12)
14.Travelogue Three (reprise) (2:10)
15.The Notorious D-1 And D-2 (1:33)
16.Song Of Roland A Single Cockscrew Curl (6:47)
17.Veit Harlan, Brown Dress Bob (5:07)
18.'Twas He Who Pricked With An Awl (1:10)
19.Travelogue Four (0:39)
20.The Famous _Mad Bronze_ (2:10)
21.Is This Good For Vulva+Displaced By Double Bed (3:00)
22.Travelogue Five (1:26)
23.To Backstab, To Schism (the ''annoyance'' take) (2:27)
24.Loudspeakers For The Poet's Famous Disques / Honeycomb Tripe (3:21)
25.Travelogue Six (the interview) (0:22)

''Wigmaker Revisited'' line-up: Rat Bastard- Bass, Engineer /Benjamin Wolcott- Electronics / Tom Smith- Voice, Tape, Producer, Mixes, Compositions / Marc Weitz- Other (Aladdin's Shimmy) / Igor Jaconovic- Popping Candy and Other Crackling Sounds, Detuned Piano, Keyboards, Additional Noise, Accordion, Drum Programming, Stuttering.
Released: 15.Des.2008

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