Torstein Wjiik - Wjiik Let Angreben Af Influenza

Front Cover

1.Gag Reflex
2.The Flu Has Come
5.Brekninger & Feedback
7.Analogue Sound
8.Electric Bells
9.Bacon Crisp
10.Oslo Tram
11.Wjiik Let Angreben Af Influenza

This is the debut CD from Norwegian experimental artist Torstein Wjiik, known by his friends and family as Kjetil Hanssen. The disc is part of the celebration of his first five years as an artist, and it's a carefully selected collection of digital and analogue noises combined with field-recordings. In a time where the swine flu seems to have taken over the world, what's better than releasing an album you'll probably feel sick from just listening to? Allow yourself to get influenzed by this humorous and intense sonic experience.
Co-released with Synesthetic Recordings in a limited edition of 220 copies.
Music and artwork by Kjetil Hanssen.
Recorded on various locations between August 2006 and February 2008.
Mastered between September 2007 and May 2008.
Released: 23.Feb.2010.

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