Origami Boe - Acoustic Laptops

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    1.Un Recuerdo De Évreux (0:56)
    2.A (Solo; Boe) (8:00)
    3.B (Duo; Boe/Løberg) (8:00)
    4.C (Trio; Boe/Løberg + Løberg) (8:00)
    5.D (Quartet; Boe/Løberg + Løberg/Boe) (8:00)
    6.E (00-16 Min; Tom Løberg A186 / 04-16 Min; Jonas Qvale A196 / 08-16 Min; + Boe A22 / 12-16 Min; + Torstein Wjiik A268) (16:00)

    Origami Boe's fantastic "Acoustic Laptops" catalog is available to download from this site with some recordings done on Acoustic Laptops by Origami Boe, Tom Løberg, Jonas Qvale & Torstein Wjiik.
    Made for an exhibition at Sound Of Mu, Oslo, Norway.
    Track 2 to 5: "La Esperanza" & "iFOLK" Test Session @ Lalacuatro, San Fernando, January 2008.
    Track 6: "iFOLK" Opening Quartet @ Sound Of Mu, Oslo, March 6 2008.
    The catalog is a 16-page offset catalog.
    Co-released with m#o#l#d: m/o/l/d 8b.
    Released: 22.Mar.2008

    Catalog + Audio (PDF's + 192kbps MP3's)

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