CDR-Card Series

All CDR-Cards released on Ambolthue is limited to 20 copies. When a suiting amount of cards is released and sold out they will be collected to a compilation.

Contact me on if you're interrested or have any questions.

Releases So Far
-Torstein Wjiik - Judgement Day (AMBOLT-2) (Jul 2006)
-Fisk På Disc - Coming Ashore (AMBOLT-14) (Mar 2007)
-Fredrik Ness Sevendal - Blood On A Seagull (AMBOLT-17) (Feb 2008)
-Mixturizer - Agoniacustica (AMBOLT-20) (Apr 2007)
-Anla Courtis - Alarma Entrópica (AMBOLT-28) (Jan 2008)
-OBJEKT4 - Test VIII (AMBOLT-36) (Oct 2007)
-Various - Balloony Tunes (AMBOLT-40) (Aug 2008)
-Laup String Quartet - Eine Kleine Nachtmusik (By Memory) (AMBOLT-54) (Sep 2008)
-Fever Spoor - (Sin)King (AMBOLT-59) (Dec 2008)
-The Scones - Success Story From The Kitchen (AMBOLT-62) (Dec 2008)