Various - The Fastest Compilation Remix In The World


    1.Kif Ten Seconds Compilation 3 Remix: He, She, It Whole Fukken Remix By Animal Machine (00:01)

    The fastest compilation remix in the world. Real time 00:00, current time 00:01 seconds. 133 files in 00:00 seconds exact time.
    Co-released with Kif Recording which also released the original The Second Compilation 3 sometime!
    Released: 14.Aug.2008.

    Swamps Up Nostrils, Toilet Tantalizer, Mundkrach, John Pussy, Dr. Zero, Animal Machine, V.I.K.I., Enviromental Testing Device, DrunkMonkey, Nanohex, Los Canales Del Televisor, Fossil, Meltdown, I Will Guillotine Your Chihuahua, Machinesaw, Aatmaa, Truthaboutfrank, Kangoora, Lezet, Gen26, Krak, Mystified, Scandinavian Noize Syndicate, Origami Chupacabras, God Pollutes, Das Loch, Kjetil Hanssen, Death Worship, Origami Hairy, T- Rex, Adash SP, Abraxas_apparatus, Mixturizer, Instagon, xm2901cw, Fiorella 16, AXBX (Abercrombie & Bitch), Cygore, Vernaggelkramp, Pichismo, Monika W., Gomoxitron, Katsa .theo, LodemidiQuail, Origami Boe, A55UHF, Christian Galarreta, (MAO) Melodic Abortion Orchestra.

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