Various - Europe Tour 2008 Collage


    1.Europe Tour 2008 Collage (7:16)

    Cut-up mix done on recordings from the 2008, Europe Tour with Animal Machine, Audun Eriksen, Swamps Up Nostrils & Torstein Wjiik.
    All recordings and the mix were done by Kjetil Hanssen.
    Co-released with Kif Recording.
    Released: 28.Apr.2009.

    Appearing on this mix:
    Live recordings with AM, AE, SUN, TW, BºTong & The S.U.N.C.D. Project.
    Jamming with Arnfinn, Ketil, Kjetil & Wietze.
    Jabbing from Arnfinn, Audun, Ketil, Kjetil & Wietze.
    Field recordngs from here and there.

    Thanks to:
    The arrangers for making this tour worthwile, nice people everywhere, audience for showing up, Wietze for jamming and just some good evenings of hanging out in The Netherlands, everyone who gave us room to sleep, not so much to Geneva Airport, but otherwise, thanks to all who made this tour what it was!

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