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Kjetil Hanssen Read a little about Kjetil Hanssen, and get to know him better!

Kjetil Hanssen

Kjetil Hanssen (Born 02.Apr.1988) lives in Oslo, Norway, and has done it all his life. Started making music for real in 2004 with the project Haapløst FlexibL, but had also made a lot of music before that as well. He also started his first label Kjetil Productions at the same time, witch was releasing mainly electronic/humour-releases... Always been interested in experimenting and new exciting stuff, he decided to start the experimental/noise-project Torstein Wjiik in 2005, after turning Haapløst FlexibL more and more towards the experimental world.
In the summer of 2006 Kjetil started his second label "Ambolthue Records" witch was focusing on experimental music of all sorts. One year later he started a sublable to Ambolthue as well called Tape Rape Records witch focuses more on tape related harsh noise. Besides starting that label he also started Tape Rape (The music-project), witch is kind of the same as Tape Rape Records, releasing harsh tape-base noise. Later in 2007 he also started his first Origami Projects, the soloproject Origami Metallika, and a fine duo with Martin "Monolab" Powell called Origami Satanika this with agent number A268.
He also started a duo with Arnfinn "S.U.N." Killingtveit from Trondheim, and the first of the duo-projects actually to release something, and that is Cadmium Wjiik with Roar "Cadmium Dunkel" Borge.
In March 2008 Kjetil also began hosting a radio show called "Når Det Rykker I Støyfoten" at the local Oslo-radio "Radio Nova" after the show being down for about a year. Still hosting the show, playing various experimental and uneasy music evere Thursday.