-Torstein Wjiik-
Santa Dropped A Present For Me, Even Though I've Been A Bad By This Year

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1.Santa Dropped A Present For Me... (10:06)

Torstein Wjiik recorded this track on December 8, 2009. It's a 4 layer piece put together with sessions all lasting 10 minutes each. None of these were edited or mixed, just put on top of each other and saved as one file. This is 100 per cent analogue sounds.
Sound sources: Guitar, a specially made noise synth with 2 oscillators, filters and effects, a home made synth made from a workshop kit (WOM) and a few different Effect pedals.
This was only available for free during the Christmas of 2009 (Dec.24-31). There'll probably be a few more seasons-related releases in the future of special MP3-singles which will be turned into a compilation sometime in the distant future. But in the meanwhile you can enjoy this piece of harsh noise given to all of you for free in the spirit of Christmas.
Released: 24.Dec.2009

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