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The fantastic Polish label Kifrecording released a nice compilation with 70 ten second long tracks from various artists. It also contains a remix as track 71 by Eraritjaritjaka vs. Animal Machine witch is a remix of the 70 first tracks. The track by Tape Rape on this is called "Hello!". The comp. is called Ten Seconds Compilation II.

After waiting a long long time, the first Tape Rape release is finally out, and not surprisingly, it's released by Tape Rape Records. It's the Rape Those Ears album, recorded earlier this year, and it's released in edition of only 36 copies. Get it while it's available, and don't worry, it's well worth it's price...
You can get it in the Ambolthue Mailorder.
PS. Please let me know if there's something wrong on this website! As it's a new one I guess there will be some errors here and there, so le me know what's wrong and I'll try to fix it...

Finally! The site is now up and running, and you've reached the new tape-noise-tibute project of Kjetil Hanssen called Tape Rape.

Tape Rape Records

Tape Rape is a solo-project by Kjetil Hanssen, and must not be confused with the label with the same name (Tape Rape Records). The idea of both the label Tape Rape, and the artist is the same, harch noise based around tape cassettes. All music is made using tapes as the main idea of the music, eighter if it's based around tape samples, made for a tape-release, shaking a case full of cassettes as sound source. As long as it's tape releated and harch it's good.
Confusion is good, tape rape is confusion!