Tape Rape Records

Tape Rape is alive and well and has not been as lazy as it might have appeared to be. Hard work on getting the best releases ready for all the fans out there has been going on ever since our last release was put out for sale. Three new releases are up for grabs from today and two more will hopefully be out around christmas times.
The first of the new ones is a tape from Sudden Infant in 100 copies and is called Skin. It's a C20 with high quality compositions of quite a lot harsher material that what we've been getting from this man on many of his latter releases, but otherwise in style with his catalogue. This tape is for both fans of his work and those who have no clue what it is, but is up for a nice surprise.
Another newbie is the first ever noise rock release on Tape Rape. NERVØS! is a mysterious band that delivers 5 tight hits of high quality distorted rock music, perfect for cassette. Rancid Jissom is the title of the tape, and glides perfectly into the labels profile of variated but high quality noise releases.
Finally, we also got a gem from labelhead Kjetil Hanssen, this time under his own name with a super limited gold coated tape and artwork printed on thick silver colored carboard. 10 copies only, and this is maybe more of a collectible than a way to spread music. Anyways, it's called Krematorium and has two very different tracks to offer. The A-side is feedback based pedal noise, while the B-side is a guitar based drone track. Expensive production doubles the price of this compared to the other standalone tapes on Tape Rape, but it's a true beauty and a must for collectors.
A last thing needed to be mentioned is that Tape Rape has put up samples from the three new releases on Soundcloud together with samples from the two annonsed upcoming releases from Cunt Rash and Maskinanlegg. Check it out!

It's nearly christmas and wether or not you celebrate it at all, Tape Rape has three new releases out today for you. These are the long awaited compilation Think Before You Act!, the self titled debut tape from the Bodø/Oslo noise trio Origami Kaførrnokka and Cock Of Corpse's Victims Of Circumcision. No reason to sit at home feeling the winter depression coming in other words. Tape Rape will be back next year with more goodshit.

This wedensday (September 22nd), there'll be a releaseparty at Cafe Mir in Oslo for the newest release on Tape Rape Records, a solo tape by Dag Stiberg called Turpentine Intoxicated Sax Rape. A full on sax noise C20 with beautiful squiddish artwork and print on the tape. This is already a legendary release before it's even out and everyone who has heard the master or the "test pressing" has all agreed that this is a fantastic tape, and the rumors has already started to be spread around. Only 100 copies, and the first release with Dag solo doing this full on noise thing. His debut is still available from our parent label Ambolthue.

We're back again with the first release of the new decade, and this is a very special one. It's the four cassette box from the one and only Lasse Marhaug, and you're not just getting 4 magnificent tapes filled with some of the finest harsh noise you'll get, but it also comes with a 64 page book which is a real treat for the eye!
The box set is named Camellia Sinensis and it's limited to just 100 copies, all signed and numbered by the artist himself.

The first split release on Tape Rape Records are finally here. It's a split between Praew Jik from the US, and label-chief Torstein Wjiik. It's both harsh and beautiful, and while Praew Jik has made two tracks with great contrast, did Mr. Wjiik choose to go with only one single long track with full blast noise. The tape is excitingly enough just called "Split Tape", and it comes in edition of only 50 copies. The artwork is made by Chrystal Kuper, and you'll get a mini-poster with her drawing on with your tape. Buy it before it's to late. 50 copies will be gone in a snap!

Tape Rape is celebrating the summer with another fine tape, this time from Jon Wesseltoft (Thorns, Maranata, Thorns Ltd.) with a tape titled Singing Cobra Ecstasy. This is his third solo-release, but his debut on tape as an solo-artist, and he still got the noise going quite harsh. Drony harsh-noise played on Baritone Guitar and Electronics, mastered to the max works excellent on tape. It's also a treat for the eye as the artwork is printed on heavy silver cardboard, and the tapes even got on body print on them. Tape Rape Records are really proud to release this tape, and we hope to do more with Jon in the future!

It seems to be a while between all the releases, but it's important get it just right! But believe me when I say that you've waited for something good. This next release out on Tape Rape Records comes from the mighty Steinar Stensen who has delivered high quality noises, drones and other beauties as for example Pyogenic, r.s.r. and Dolly Dogdick. This tape is copied on high quality C40-tapes in edition of only 50 copies. The tapes are dark grey and looks excellent.
And it's not just that it looks really good, but it's a pure joy ride from the beginning to the end. Rough, noisy and beautiful. I can't get to say enough about this tape.
Get it from LOOOP (copies are on it's way).

Nearly a year since the first and last bunch of releases came out on Tape Rape Records, we're ready to for a new pile of goodshit to be released. The first of these are Animal Machine's Liberation Through Sound. This is Animal Machine's first tape-release ever, and Tape Rape Records feels honored by getting this chance to release such a special piece of work. This is a really great tape, and you'll probably want to play it over and over, and we don't blame you. It's played over and over here as well. Noise in it's best behavior.
We planned to release two other tapes as well along with this, but to tapes takes time, so to spare you the pain of waiting even longer, we decided to release this at once. We'll try to hurry up and get the rest of the stuff ready as soon as possible, but when it comes it's hard to say. Until that day you cna enjoy the brutality of Animal Machine at least!
By the way, there's still one or two copies left of Torstein Wjiik's Tape Music Vol. 3, and Tape Rape - Rape Those Ears is also starting to disappear. Catch it while you can. You can order the Tape Rape Records shit from the Ambolthue Mailorder.

Hurra! Today is the day this label lounches, and it's a good start with three new released from Tape Rape (Artist), Torstein Wjiik & Kenji Siratori. All three of them are really good, and also limited, so get it while you can! See the catalogue page for more info.
PS. Please let me know if there's something wrong on this website! As it's a new one I guess there will be some errors here and there, so le me know what's wrong and I'll try to fix it...

Finally, the first three releases is set. One CDR by Tape Rape (Artist), one C60 tape by Torstein Wjiik & a C60 tape from Kenji Siratori. I just have to press these records, and the label will be ready to go.

I've just finnished updating the site, and checked it for errors. If anyone still should find any errors or typos, please notice me. I've added some info on the first release going to be released on Tape Rape Records as well, by myself under the extremely productive projectname "Tape Rape". Oh, you're going to be confused with both label and artist named the same. Well sorry, but I'm just to darn lazy to come up with other names for that similar projects (both releasing tape-based noise). Anyway I think you'll learn to separate those two real soon... Read more about the first release here: RAPE:001.
I'm also looking for artists that want to join this label with something you feel could fit. I'm starting of with quite limited editions. This is not to be an asshole and not letting everyone get the music, but because it takes up so much time to press releases (especially tapes), but there's no problem if you decide to release/re-release it on another label as well. But it could be nice if you could make it mentioned in the cover that it's also release on Tape Rape Records.
But anyway. As you see the label is up and going, and I'll soon get the first release out. Want to join my mail-list, then please send me an e-mail on ambolthue@gmail.com and say so. But be specific about that you want to join the Tape Rape Records maillist, because I'm also have some other maillists on the same mail.

The site is up and going. More info will be added soon, but since Tape Rape Records is just in it's startfase now, the site will be quite empty for a while. This is a sublabel of Ambolthue Records witch focuses more on harch noise related to tape cassettes. Eighter if it's releases based on tape-samples, made to fit (both musically and the time limit) into a CC??, re-releases of old tapes, or just a tribute to tapes. We'll figure something out! KEEP IT HARCH AND NOISY!!!