Torstein Wjiik is the experimental music/artwork project of Kjetil Hanssen, and was started in October 2005, and the first release came out the same month, and was called "Demo" (CDr). Only two copies were made, and the artwork was just a jewel case cover with info written directly on the cover with an inc pencil. The same album was re-released with new artwork in December '05 and was renamed to "Torstein Wjiik Demo", in edition of 10 copies.
In January-February 2006 the cut-up technique was used to make most of the tracks, and lots of mixing and field-recordings were also important. From March until now the development has continued, and the recording in real-time, and editing process has grown.
I use mostly computer with free software, and the great music program AudioMulch, but also lots of various traditional, and untraditional instruments has been used to make tracks.
The name "Torstein Wjiik" comes from my fascination with the Dutch language, and the way they spell the name "Wijk". By changing the way they spell "Wijk", I've ended up with the result "Wjiik". Torstein is just a common name in Norway that I think sounds great, so after that my name was "Torstein Wjiik". This is an old alias I've used on internet (forums, etc.).
The first track I've ever made was a cut-up remix of a 50 minute long conversation between me and a friend of mine. The sounds I've used were sounds of cars going by, the sound of us walking around, and some milliseconds of the conversations we had, looped.
The Torstein Wjiik project will continue to develop in the future.