Important Happenings

June 2007 (First Noise Performance)
After only playing once before (that time quite ambient stuff), I'd played some really harch and intence noise at the Støy På Landet festival at 23.June.2007.

March 2007 (First Time Playing Live)
On saturday 24.Mar.2007 was the first time I played live infront of audience. I was playing at the Fritt Fall concert series at Sound Of Mu. I used laptop, microphone feedback, broken cables and microphone, guitar, flanger-box, reverb, and a mixer, and the concert can be downloaded here.

February 2007 (Started Duo-project with Arnfinn)
The idea of forming a duo-project started in February 2007, and so far the project is unnamed. The project is a collaberation with Arnfinn (Swamps Up Nostrils) Killingtveit from Trondheim. We're still waiting for upcoming releases.

April 2006 (Music In A Film)
I was contacted by mail in March by some media students who wanted to use the track Conversation they had found on my Norwegian music site at Urørt on a short film they've made called "Plumbo". The movie was about a man who wanted to do something to help nature, but he was lazy as hell. The movie, with soundtrack was done on April 2nd 2006.

Febuary 2006 (FM Frequentzy Part.1 At The Theatre)
This month and through March '06 the "Oslo Kathedral Skole" (Oslo Cathedral Shool) arranged the anual Katta-theatre, and I was asked if I could make a tune for them, to the play "Fryktens Cirkus" (Circus of fear). It were about the WW2, and I was told to make the radio noise tunes with music, and sounds from WW2 inside. I've made a remix of the track "FM Frequentzy (Part.1)" called "FM Frequentzy (Part.1) (Fryktens Circus Remix).

October 2005 (Building And Releasing Demo)
In October 2005 I was running around recordng sounds everywhere. I also started the project "Torstein Wjiik" I had been thinking about for a long time. I was recording, and making music activly through October, and at the endof the month I was releasing the very first Torstein Wjiik release, the "Demo" CDr.