First of all I've got two new releases now. The first is a free MP3-comp. with tracks from artists who played at this years Nødutgang festival in Bodø, Norway. It can be downloaded from Go To Gate Records' website. The other release is a no labeled CDr with me (Torstein Wjiik) in 25 copies. This record was sold, given away and traded at the festival and it's a few copies left that's going to be distributed at the Støy På Landet festival in Selbu, Norway the upcoming weekend. It'll not be available on other venues.
And I need to say that I'm really satesfied with the Nødutgang festival this year. I got to see some old heroes and some new ones, and I won't list too many here. Check the line-up and envy me, hehe. This is a highly reccomanded festival that you should try to get to next year, and let's say it like this... The line-up is variated, but it's amazing. A big thank you to Tore Stemland and Ronny Wærnes for arranging this lovely festival. See you next year...

Both on Ambolthue Records. For more info check out the newly updated news pace on the Ambolthue-site, or check it here in the Discography-page... The records are one album in the Anti-War Series, called "Hiroshima and the other is a split mini-album with Animal Machine called "Balance Of Disorder, 3.5 Billion Years Resistance To Evolution / Good Day To You Sir. How's It Going?".
I've also updated the live-page with some upcoming concerts. I'll update the list as soon as I know more...

A couple of days ago, a new label located in Bergen, Norway released a new MP3-album with me. The album is called "Foggy Forest", and can be downloaded for free at Twilight Luggage's website. This album contains only one long track (lasting for 42 minutes), and I'm really happy with it. i think this is one of my best tracks so far, and it's dark and ambient all the way through.

I just recieved a nice package from the Italian label DOKURO which re-released my old Komprimert Munn track from "Komprimert Munn" on a 3" with the same name. Komprimert Munn means Compressed Mouth in Norwegian, but this record has no vocals on it at all. Just a bunch of guitar drones processed in real time on a computer.

I will play at this years By:Alarm at Mir Thursday, February 21st. Come come come!!!

Two days ago - January 21st - a fantastic split between me and my Dutch friend Marcel Herms was released on his label Anima Mal Nata. This time he recorded his tracks as Fever Spoor, and you should get a hold of this, and also most of his other works! The record is called Crack The Surface and contains about 50 minutes of fantastic music.

Happy New Year! This is the first post in this new year of noise and joyful music. Lot's of things will happen this year I can already say, but this first post is actually about a release that came last year. On December 13th a release with 5 different artists (including yours truely) were released on R.O.N.F. Records. It's Sin Señal / Torstein Wjiik / Spooklights / Children Egoism / Ego Death - Disturbance, The 13th and I contributed with an almost 25 minutes long track called Pines. Try getting a hold of this, cause this is a really fine release, and there's only 99 copies of it. And all artists has delivered extremely interesting stuff, so I'm proud to be a part of this!

I got two releases from Poland today. One short-track album called Once Again... Here Is Wjiik and a compilation called Ten Seconds Compilation II where I contributed with the track "Short Rape". Both these were released on Kifrecording, and both are highly limited and looks great. Try getting a hold of them before they get sold out!

I just got the new remix-comp. stuffed with remixes of premade samples by Fisk På Disc. This record was released on Krakilsk earlier this month, and contains 12 tracks in total, and two of them are done by yours truely. The rest of the stuff is made by: Swamps Up Nostrils, Jan M. Iversen, Kunstlusk, Mystified, Rogaland Hot Club, HOH & Pål Asle Pettersen. It's called "Rakfisk - Fish Slippers: Fisk På Disk Remixed" by the way. Get this one, cause it's simply a great, great record!!!

I just got a notice about a MP3-Comp. that were released this Saturday (27th of October) on R.O.N.F. Records. It's the second comp. in the series on R.O.N.F. and it's called R.O.N.F. Net Compilation Volume 2.0. Download it trough R.O.N.F. Records' website!!! Also today I released a Demo that I give away to labels, concert arrangers and such, and the Demo is called Live & Such Demo.

Today, four new Torstein Wjiik releases is available. Two of those are the recording from this summer's Støy På Landet festival in Selbu, Norway. The two different releases there are a 3"CDR called Live At Støy På Landet and a 3"DVD with the very same name. The third new release is the third in the Tape Music series, and it's not surprisingly called Tape Music Vol.3. The fourth is a compilation with one Torstein Wjiik track called Chopter (A combination of the word chop and the word copter, funny isn't it, hehe). It can be found on the field-recording compilation called What More Do You Need Than A Recorder?

It's today two years since I made my first track as Torstein Wjiik, and because of that I've uploaded a track made out of 24 old track (one from each month from October 2005 to September 2007). It's available trough the downloads page, and it's called 2 Years Of Noise. Enjoy!

I got a great message today that my split with Mixturizer (Spain) was released yesterday (September 11th) on Smell The Stench. The split contains a 17 minutes long track from Torstein Wjiik called "Tropical Clima" from August 20th 2006. It's a lovely track, but the same can be said about Mixturizer's tracks as well. Download it for free:) The split is called Conflictiva Climas.
I also got this compilation some days ago in my mailbox. It was released in May this year, but I got it first now. It's called Swallow Technology and contains 4 short Torstein Wjiik tracks.

In February this year did I record an album for the RPM Challenge. The result was the now released MP3-Album "RPM FTW". The record has got some really ugly artwork, so enjoy it. Released on Ambolthue Records, and can be downloaded here...

I've got 5 more copies of the nice Toads CDr on Dim Records back in the mailorder.
I've also added a compilation called "Britney Jean Spears, An All American Slave" to the Discography. It's limited to 50 copies...

Two new releases:
Finally! After three months there's new releases by Torstein Wjiik available. Not only just one, but two, and they're both released by the new net-label Badschematic. One MP3-EP called Moth Powder, witch it also released physically on Ambolthue for those who's sitting without a CD-burner or just are too lazy to burn it themself. It's sold for about the same as it costs for the production. The EP contains about 50 minutes of harch noise to the max!!! The other release is the great MP3-compilation Schematic Sounds Volume One where I've contributed with a track that's the exact opposite of the Moth Powder EP. A calm ambient piece I made in January 2006, that I wish was a lot longer. The track on the comp. is called "Black Day, White Light (Part.1)". Grab both of the releases now!!!

New free track:
I've recorded a bunch of harch noise tracks lately, and decided to share one of the recordings with you! Just uploaded in the download section a track named "010" so far. This is just the project-name, and it'll probably be on a planned Torstein Wjiik release containing a lot of harch, beautiful noise. Grab it while you can, and play it loud as hell!!!!

Just arrived from the Støy På Landet festival in Selbu, Norway, and I played a really harch set lasting under 15 minutes. It was really fun, and I was shocked even myself over how well it went. The rest of the festival was also some of the best stuff I've heard in a long time, and it's some of the best things I've been a part of so far.
I also participated in a 5 minute balloon-improv set with Pål Asle Pettersen, Anders Gjerde, Jan-M. Iversen, Helge Olav Øksendal & Arnfinn Killingtveit, and the final concert at the festival was supposed to be an ambient set with Psycheout Nachspiel Noise, but when they invited everyone to join to play about 10 more people (including me) went up on the stage and made the ambient to a trash-noise performance, playing whatever we could find, throwing moss and styrofoam all over the place, and just jam away all we could. I'll ad some pictures to the site later.

I've added a new section to the site called Live Performances. Here you'll find a list over all live shows that I've played, and that I'm going to play.

Don't Get Annoyed, Get Inspired! compillation is now out, and so is the R.O.N.F. Net Compilation Vol. 1.0. Both compillations contains a Torstein Wjiik track, and they both are unbelievably great. Check them out!!!
Some new reviews are also out now!

A new release is now out (Cadmium Wjiik - Victims Of Religion Split), and it's a split with Cadmium Dunkel. Nothing specialt to say about this record other than that it's fantastic!

My first split is now out. It's not only a split between the artists, but also a label-split between my label (Ambolthue Records), and Swamps' label (Krakilsk). It's a split with Swamps Up Nostrils and it's called Øresus Og Dus. Great noise, tweaked sounds, and just a whole lot of shit-sounds (but hell, it's good shit!).

The first release in the "Anti-War series" is now out. It's called "War", and it's a intense one-track record lasting for about 50 minutes.
I've also uploaded the first concert I did for you to download as an MP3. Torstein Wjiik - Live At Sound Of Mu.

Only two days till the Torstein Wjiik concert at Sound Of Mu, and I'm really looking forward to it. I'll try to record it, and let's hope everything just goes my way then.
I've updated the site with a new release "Have A Noise Day" released on R.O.N.F. Records in Spain. It's a harch and noisy record.

Finally... Torstein Wjiik is about to perform live for the very first time, so for everyone who's interested in seeing this you have to come to
Sound Of Mu in Oslo, sat.24.Mar.2007 3:00pm. If you don't know where it is, you can check their website for more info.
There's also a while since the last release (except the Do You Ever Dream? MP3-comp.), but there are lot's of upcoming releases (albums, eps, splits, and compilations). I won't let anything go by your ears unheard, and if you're not already on my mailing-list, and of course if you want to be there, then mail me at torsteinwjiik[at]gmail[dot]com (remember to change the mail so it's right before you send), and I'll keep you updated.

Torstein Wjiik is in on the great new compillation from B&R Records, called Do You Ever Dream?. The track is called "Circle", and can be downloaded on B&R Records' website.
There are also lots of planned Torstein Wjiik releases comping up, so it seems like 2007 will be an important year for the Torstein Wjiik project.

And happy new year!

So this is it for now. 2006 is over and it has been a fantastic year for me. The first official year of me being an experimental musichian has ended, but it's not nearly over for me as a noiser.

Merry Chrismas!

I've now updated the site with a full Trackography, where you can see all the tracks released by me. You can also download the trackography as an .xls file from the download page. Internet-tracks (like on My Space, and Urørt will not be added to the trackography, but MP3-releases like (MP3-Album) will be added.

New design on the site. It will be updatet continuously.

The site has been updated with a review page.
Click here to go to the reviews site.

NEW Release:
The Netherlands label Dim Records has released my CDr Toads in September. I've now got 5 copies for sale.
It was released in edition of 33 numbered copies only.

Discography are now fully updated. Links to Tape Music Vol.1, Ny Arm, Tape Music Vol.2, and Komprimert Munn are now upped
Please report if you find any errors at the site...

Updated info on "" release, and RadioNoiseGuitar.

Updates in the Discography. There are now fixed links to the releases "Torstein Wjiik Demo", "Untitled-;-", and "GranittRock Demo".

There are now some more MP3's in the download section, and "Important Happenings" are added.
Updates on Demo, Balloon, and Judgement Day are added to the site

Biography, Links, and Artwork are upped, and there are 54 pictures uploaded. More artwork will be added soon...
The Discography link is also up, and there will be updates on the releaselinks soon.

Site is up.
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