Title Album Info Time
010 Nødutgang 2008 Download here 5:52
1011001=89   5:12
17032006 Ny Arm   21:16
18032006 Ny Arm   17:54
2 Years Of Noise Unreleased Download 7:32
331 RadioNoiseGuitar   2:56
Aggressive While Sleeping RadioNoiseGuitar   1:00
Airport Komprimert Munn Feat.Stig Arild Nakkestad 32:38
Apple And Banana Swallow Technology   0:34
Balloon Balloon   24:27
Bass In Tha Face Balance Of Disorder...   0:31
Bee Queen Toads   4:00
Beetle Beetle Shake   2:36
Black Day, White Light (Part.1) Schematic Sounds Volume One   2:40
Black Day, White Light (Part.3)   3:22
Boiling Lava (Complete Steel Listening)   3:25
Brekninger & Effekter R.O.N.F. Net Compilation Volume 2.0   1:46
Broken Lightbulb Demo & Torstein Wjiik Demo   25:37
Broken Lightbuld Decomposed Demo & Torstein Wjiik Demo Remix of Broken Lightbulb 2:24
Butterfly Struggle RPM FTW   14:27
Calm AAAAAARGHHH!!!! Balloon   9:03
Center Of The Earth Balloon   8:31
Chopter What More Do You Need Than A Recorder?   4:18
Circle Do You Ever Dream?   2:58
Coffee Have A Noise Day   0:05
Conversation   4:14
Dark Hell Of Lava Balloon   11:34
Dead Fish Judgement Day   2:10
Defence Have A Noise Day   2:44
Dolke Nimnoge   0:29
Dreaming Harch Have A Noise Day   6:38
Echo Morning R.O.N.F. Net Compilation Vol. 1.0   2:18
Electric Wire Balloon   2:32
Feel The Groove Toads   2:01
Fish'N'Ships Tape Music Vol.3   24:41
Fisk I Harnisk Rakfisk - Fish Slippers: Fisk På Disk Remixed   5:08
Fist Of Flowers RPM FTW   10:55
Fjøsnisse RPM FTW   7:29
FM Frequentzy (Part.1) RadioNoiseGuitar   1:41
FM Frequentzy (Part.2) RadioNoiseGuitar   1:00
FM Frequentzy (Part.3) RadioNoiseGuitar   3:43
Foggy Forest Foggy Forest   42:37
Fredsam Skog Tape Music Vol.2   42:33
Fried Noise Have A Noise Day   2:47
Fruktkjøtt/Mango Ny Arm   7:28
Gazolin In Tha Face Balance Of Disorder...   0:20
Good Day To You Sir. How's It Going? Balance Of Disorder...   1:06
GranittRock GranittRock Demo   6:56
Green Forest (Take.1)   9:41
Guilty Of Doin' Nothing Tape Music Vol.2   11:55
Hammer Demo & Torstein Wjiik Demo Feat.Raggzokk 19:11
Have A Noise Day Have A Noise Day   14:42
Heavy Rock Für Noisers Toads   12:13
Hiroshima Hiroshima   44:35
Hyperactive (Noised Up) Øresus Og Dus   3:42
I Like Snooker Don't Get Annoyed, Get Inspired!   3:29
Instrumental Poetry (Part 1 & 2) Crack The Surface   29:52
Joyful Puke Once Again... Here Is Wjiik   1:41
Judgement Day Part.1 Judgement Day   1:00
Judgement Day Part.2 Judgement Day   1:40
Knekt Finger RadioNoiseGuitar   10:19
Knust Hodeskalle Ny Arm Typo in the cover 10:56
Komprimert Munn Komprimert Munn Original 20:17
Komprimert Munn Komprimert Munn Remastered 20:20
Liquifyed Iron RadioNoiseGuitar   13:36
Live At Sound Of Mu Live & Such Demo Live at Sound Of Mu 24.Mar.2007 24:12
Live At Støy På Landet 23.Jun.2007 Live At Søy På Landet CD & DVD   12:25
Løvträ RPM FTW   5:54
Making Another Piece Tape Music Vol.2   31:35
Maxøsters Demo & Torstein Wjiik Demo   1:46
Metal Pillow Have A Noise Day   3:54
Middle Of The Ocean Part.2   1:35
Moth Moth Powder   14:50
My Father's Dog My Father's Dog   31:36
New Haircut Moth Powder   23:15
NoiseGuitar (Remix) RadioNoiseGuitar Feat.GuitarKJ 1:52
Noise Improv Live & Such Demo   19:42
Noyster Rakfisk - Fish Slippers: Fisk På Disk Remixed   6:23
Ny Arm Ny Arm   14:44
O0OOo0O0oo0Oo0 Tape Music Vol.2   1:49
Only Guns That Shoots Happiness Are Allowed Have A Noise Day   11:51
Pines Disturbance, The 13th   24:20
Positive Barf (Part 1-40) Once Again... Here Is Wjiik This is a mix of 40 short tracks combined to one. 11:29
Powder Moth Powder   16:38
Processed Work Øresus Og Dus   1:11
Rytmisk Fluortablett RadioNoiseGuitar   1:24
Shake Beetle Shake   2:16
Short Rape Ten Seconds Compilation II   0:09
Sick Of Trying To Break This Lock Toads   12:01
Size XL Øresus Og Dus   15:12
Size XXL Øresus Og Dus   8:47
Sleep Until 9Am (Edit)   9:31
Snow Toads   0:10
Souon/Noizu   1:17
Space! In Tha Face! Balance Of Disorder...   0:16
Spit Up Happiness Once Again... Here Is Wjiik   5:06
Storm Paa Havet (Du Snodige Hval Der Langt I Det Fjerne) Tape Music Vol.2   4:27
Strøm Toads   2:05
Suck My Lollypop_Part.1 Swallow Technology   1:46
Suck My Lollypop_Part.2 Swallow Technology   0:33
Summer Heat Toads   4:12
Testing Laptop Noise Live & Such Demo   14:29
The Beauty Of Polution   21:41
The Death Of A Stunt Man Tape Music Vol.3   27:01
The Sound Of Britney Britney Jean Spears...   2:49
Toads Toads   5:24
Tropical Clima Conflictiva Climas   17:22
Tusj, Demo & Torstein Wjiik Demo   4:07
Untitled Tape Music Vol.1   26:14
Untitled-;- Untitled-;-   58:38
Untitled I Tape Music Vol.1   3:35
Untitled II Tape Music Vol.1   18:21
Untitled III Tape Music Vol.1   11:29
Voices And Echoes Reversed Swallow Technology   0:37
Walking By People You Know From High School RadioNoiseGuitar   3:21
War War   52:15
WARNING! Ear-Experiment Balloon   3:19
Why Hate When You Can Love Victims Of Religion Split   30:30
XXXB3-SNORE-MIX-3BXXX Demo & Torstein Wjiik Demo   0:38
Yo mate. What's That In Tha Face (Of Yours)? Balance Of Disorder...   0:20
Your Own Sound Toads   22:42