Origami Agents Anonymous - Album One

Front Cover
    1.Mirrored Deserve Something Angel But Different (0:52)
    2.Sources Individuals But Expectred. Circumstances (4:39)
    3.White Often Involved Life In Artists Of Metal-Punks (2:59)
    4.Circuit Area Facts Solve Time. All-Including Skilled (0:25)
    5.Academic Difficult Rewarding Power One Re-Action (1:24)
    6.Solved. Lead 100 Deep And Geographical (0:11)
    7.Agents The Hinders Great People Be Itself. Art (3:58)
    8.Main The Highly And Confusion Boring Fantasy (7:58)
    9.Method A Time, Cultural Prejudice About Won't (0:39)
    10.Also Not The Includes Process Non-Musicians (0:06)
    11.Multi-Layered Spectre To Stages Artists Whole (0:04)
    12.To Ultimate Limited Who Aestetics Craftswo/Men (0:37)
    13.Erase Three Strenght. Underneath Communication (2:12)
    14.Just All That Scale, All Regarding Our Of Conviction (0:04)
    15.As Name. Is Honorary At The History Up All Of In (0:07)
    16.Of Producers, Is Avoiding Power Yet Model (3:06)
    17.And Create Free Safe Classical Perception (0:17)
    18.Of Are The Is Of Problems Amateur Fundament (2:38)
    19.Cheerful About Rights But Serious The Find More (2:37)
    20.And Point As Is Part Active Small Least Serious (0:27)
    21.Least The End Of Still A Out Pets Of To Must (7:19)
    22.Exhibitory A Concept, And/Or Is Happenings (2:23)

    This is the first in the Trass! MP3-Releases-series which will release monthly Origami-releases in the Trass! Anarchive-series in 2008. TRASS! Anarchives is an Origami Republika sublabel, and Ambolthue has got the pleasure of offering you all these records for free as MP3-releases. All you have to do is download the zip-file and burn your record and print the cover to a piece of red(!!!) paper. This first release is a compiled album from 13 anonymous Origami-agents.
    Released: 27.Jan.2008

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