Origami Republika - Live Rough Compilation

Front Cover
    1.Origami Tore - A Soucerfloyd Of Pink Secretions (PF Bootleg Remix) (5:14)
    2.Origami Southamerika - Rucula Dance (18 Anniversary Live Transfer) (9:00)
    3.Origami Traumatika - Stenhård Jävla Depp Högst Mulig (9:40)
    4.Origami Antarktika - Klubb Kanin (Playback) (13:33)
    5.Origami Boe - Noise Diary 004G (4:00)
    6.Origami H e r r e gud+ - Napsterized (M Bootleg Remix) (7:59)

    This is the twelfth release in the Trass! MP3-Releases-series of monthly Origami-releases in the Trass! Anarchive-series, and the first to come in 2009 after a long break. TRASS! Anarchives is an Origami Republika sublabel, and Ambolthue has got the pleasure of offering you all these records for free as MP3-releases. All you have to do is download the zip-file and burn your record and print the cover to a piece of red(!!!) paper.
    Track 3 to 5 were recorded on Klubb Kanin 10 year anniversary, Sound Of Mu, Oslo, Norway.
    Compiled by Boe A22 for christmas 2008-9.
    Released: 24.Oct.2009

    -All files (Zip)