Origami Replika - Roots 80 Remix

Front Cover
    1.Side A (14:29)
    2.Side B (14:53)

    This is the seventh in the Trass! MP3-Releases-series of monthly Origami-releases in the Trass! Anarchive-series in 2008. TRASS! Anarchives is an Origami Republika sublabel, and Ambolthue has got the pleasure of offering you all these records for free as MP3-releases. All you have to do is download the zip-file and burn your record and print the cover to a piece of red(!!!) paper.
    This is a remix of the Roots '80 Bootleg - A tape packed inside a fully functioning radio/tapedeck, released by Major Ego Produkt. Objects & Aktions. It contained rewreckordings of lousy tape bootlegs from A.O. Laibach, Munch, Einstürzende, Psychic Tv, This Heat and Swans. You had to unloosen the screws to get it out. This object is now part of the Yven collection (Or_/Fanatika)
    The tape was later remixed and boosted by Boe A22 for the cassette MishapsBeatsPeaces on Public Demand Cassettes/Gürteltiertapes
    Then it was mastered and blastered by Lasse Marhaug A73 for an intended 10" that never appeared, only to end up marking the 10 years that has passed since the Real Origami Replika dissolved.
    RIP Real Origami Replika 1992-1998.
    Released: 24.Jul.2008

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