Origami Agents Anonymous - Album Two

Front Cover
    1.An The Of Of Force And (0:25)
    2.A Body Bended In Desperate X-Treme (0:15)
    3.Sketches The To Experience (0:53)
    4.Things The It Depts It (0:19)
    5.A You'll The Of To Cry Again (0:29)
    6.Maybe On The In (0:19)
    7.Beauty Order Exhaustion (1:54)
    8.Of Melancholy To Building It (2:12)
    9.On On Neoism About (1:25)
    10.Or Leave It To Freeze Frame (2:27)
    11.The It To Surpress (0:54)
    12.Classical Intuition To Divine (3:06)
    13.Alteration In Break And Punish (0:39)
    14.Don't Have The Privilege Small-Shaped Shades (2:24)
    15.That Magik Unexplainable It's Purest Sense (0:38)
    16.To We Enough Falling In Years (2:20)
    17.The Three Itching (0:33)
    18.When Things Slip Is So Take (0:29)
    19.And About Viewpoint Is Ripe (1:11)
    20.Your There Stream Is Stupidity Stronger (12:23)
    21.The Kind The Is Bearing It The The Last I To Conquer (0:31)
    22.Beat Of To Our Eye Cowardice And Self Betrayal (1:00)

    This is the eighth in the Trass! MP3-Releases-series of monthly Origami-releases in the Trass! Anarchive-series in 2008. TRASS! Anarchives is an Origami Republika sublabel, and Ambolthue has got the pleasure of offering you all these records for free as MP3-releases. All you have to do is download the zip-file and burn your record and print the cover to a piece of red(!!!) paper.
    22 anonymous noises from 9 anonymous agents (2007-2008).
    Mastered by A22 at Lalacuatro (2008).
    All tittles courtesey of McPoet A65 (Behind Heart Makes Kontemplatie).
    Released: 24.Aug.2008

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