Origami Anarchika - Hohlgroth

Front Cover
    1.Hohlgroth (24:43)

    This is the ninth in the Trass! MP3-Releases-series of monthly Origami-releases in the Trass! Anarchive-series, and the first to come in 2009 after a long break. TRASS! Anarchives is an Origami Republika sublabel, and Ambolthue has got the pleasure of offering you all these records for free as MP3-releases. All you have to do is download the zip-file and burn your record and print the cover to a piece of red(!!!) paper.
    Pille A147 and Alexander A148.
    Recorded live at the Hohlrgroth, Zurich, Switzerland, May 18, 1998.
    Additional noise interferences by Real Origami Replika and B9 A07.
    From Aborted 10 cassette box, 1998.
    Released: 25.Jul.2009

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